Objectif: Thunes

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Band Name Ultra Vomit
Album Name Objectif: Thunes
Type Album
Data de lançamento 03 Janeiro 2008
Recorded at Drudenhaus Studios
Estilo de MúsicaGrindcore
Membros têm este álbum471


1. Intro 01:14
2. Quand J'étais Petit 01:46
3. Cowl Chamber 01:20
4. Les Bonnes Manières 01:50
5. Boulangerie Pâtisserie 01:16
6. Maité Ravendark 02:41
7. Jack Chirac 00:51
8. Pour un Mosh 01:23
9. Pauv' Connard 01:07
10. Mechanical Chiwawa 01:25
11. Gremlins at the Gates 01:43
12. Je Ne T'es Jamait Autans Aimer 01:36
13. Poil de Cul 01:04
14. Croute de Pus 00:31
15. La Flemme 00:20
16. Mountains of Maths 01:54
17. Morbid Cocker 01:37
18. Welcome to the Jingle 00:20
19. Je Possède un Cousin 02:22
20. Canidal Corpse 01:29
21. Condemned to Headbang 01:44
22. W.A Mozart 25th Symphony Allegro in C Minor K. 183 01:15
23. Je Collectionne les Canards (Vivants) 03:19
24. Outro 05:13
Total playing time 39:20

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Comentário @ Adushka

12 Maio 2008
Four years of waiting have finally passed and the leaders of french funny grind have come up with their second full-length. Fans tired from listening to "I like to vomit" constantly were probably waiting for something new to come - and did this release fulfill their expectations? As for me, not at all.
Objectif:Thunes opens with an intro which is extremely melodic, compared to releases such as M.Patate or Kebabized at Birth. Next song - Quand jetais petit - is the only outstanding piece of music on this album, and its probably due to Lemmys participation. Energetic rock n roll song saves the album, as the rest sounds monotonic, and i just cant help myself, but too melodic and too much worked on. Compared to their previous full CD, they probably had spent more time working on this one, but they ended up with a release lacking the sparkle and humour which was always so connected to them.
Ultra Vomit were formerly known for their specific attitude - dont care about the music much, just make the vocals and everything sound funny and it works. Well, it did work. Therefore I was surprised listening to Objectif:Thunes. The music sounds much more melodic, precisely written, and also the sound has completely changed. If it wasnt Ultra Vomit, Id probably like this release, but once you begin as a funny grind band and record an album that sounds more "serious", it just doesnt fit together.

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