Lost in Space 1 & 2

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Band Name Avantasia
Album Name Lost in Space 1 & 2
Type Compilation
Data de lançamento 27 Outubro 2008
Labels Nuclear Blast
Produced by
Estilo de MúsicaSymphonic power
Membros têm este álbum60


1. Lost in Space
2. Lay All Your Love on Me
3. Another Angel Down
4. The Story Ain't Over
5. Return to Avantasia
6. Ride the Sky
7. Promised Land
8. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
9. Scary Eyes
10. In My Defense
11. Lost in Space (Extended Version)
12. Lost in Space (Live)

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Crítica @ Vinrock666

14 Julho 2009
In 2008, Avantasia re-released the two 2007 "Lost In Space" singles as one maxi EP dubbed "Lost In Space. Part 1 and 2".  The measure of an EP's overall value comes mostly from the quality of b-sides.  Here, Avantasia doesn't disappoint.  There are four cover songs.  The best one is easily ABBA's "Lay All Your Love On Me."  Not only is this version very heavy, but the scrappy bass line is prominently plucked during the verses - a noted difference from the original.  The other covers; however, seem to exhude a low budget production feel, either because they were rushed or because their only purpose was filler.  Along those lines, the two tracks that feature Henjo Richter of Gamma Ray, "Promised Land" and "Scary Eyes", are also a disappointment.  For such a great guitarist, his contributions in both songs is surprisingly less than stellar, as if he was held back from really going off.  There are also two other versions of the main single "Lost In Space".  One is an accoustic guitar/piano duet with guest vocalist Amanda Somerville (although her voice appears on other tracks, she's best featured here).  The other is an extended version, but not necessarily a better one.  Therefore, it should be known that the singles picked from the 2008 LP release "The Scarecrow" remain the strongest songs on the album.  "Lost In Space" and "Another Angel Down" are two great 80's pop influenced metal hooks.  "Return To Avantasia" is a nostalgic instrumental offering, too.  Finally, the hidden gem on this compilation is "The Story Ain't Over", an original song full with synth violins and an ensemble chorus line.  Bob Catley gives another heartfelt performance as a guest vocalist as well.  For a collector or fan of the band, Avantasia's "Lost In Space" maxi EP is a good CD to have.  For anyone else, however, it is not essential.  A first time listener of Avantasia would be better served to dive into the 2008 LP "The Scarecrow" first.  Clearly, that's where Tobi Sammet's better efforts are found.    

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