La Morte Lune

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Band Name Vlad Tepes
Album Name La Morte Lune
Type Demo
Data de lançamento Agosto 1997
Estilo de MúsicaBlack Metal
Membros têm este álbum49


Bootleg CD version by Tragic Empire Rex
1. Warmoon Lord 04:25
2. The Dark War 03:26
3. The Massacre Song 03:22
4. Morte Lune 02:18
5. L'Envol du Corbeau 02:01
6. I Died from a Vampyric Grief 04:39
7. Meurtres… 02:48
8. Morgensterne 06:49
Total playing time 29:48
Re-Issue in 2013 by Drakkar Productions.
1. Warmoon Lord 04:27
2. Bleedings 03:30
3. The Massacre Song 03:25
4. The Dark War 02:25
5. Morte lune 02:10
6. L'envol du corbeau 04:51
7. Morts 02:57
8. I Died from a Vampyric Grief 07:06
9. Meurtres... 01:55
10. Morgensterne 07:02
Total playing time 39:48

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Crítica @ giganticbrain

10 Agosto 2008
This is possibly the worst "black metal" album I have ever listened to. Ever! I can't even call it music, because I can't hear what the fuck is going on half the time. No, not half the time. All the time. I have a high tolerance to lo-fi black metal, but this is just un-necessary. It's as if Vlad Tepes decided it'd be good to record with a cassette, but before recording got the great idea to beat it with a hammer. Then once they got their recording, they dipped it in a vat of acid.

Even from the beginning, this album is horrible. At first, I thought the song was starting with weird noises, as many black metal songs do, especially ambient black metal and the like. But no, it was the song. It took a great epiphone to realize that this disgusting static hell that I was listening to WAS the song. The drums sound like somebody throwing pans into their face, the guitars sound like the most horribly disfigured bass guitar ever made, and occaisonally you can pick out vocals. I cringed, and decided to skip this track and move onto the next one, hoping that maybe that Warmoon Lord was an older track, and that The Dark War would be a little better.

I was met by a huge wall of the same static I heard in the first track. Everything that can be said about the first track can be said here, except that you can hear the soft distorted hum of a synth. Upon going through all the tracks, I realized that they were all like this. I was literally surrounded on all sides by the my worst nightmare ; black metal I couldn't hear. It's the worst possible feeling you can have.

I would have been able to understand the lo-fi-ness of this album if it was like their first demo or something, but this is their second to newest release. This begs the question of what their very first demo sounds like, but I don't think I want to know and I don't need anymore of it. If you are the kind who think you can handle lo-fi, steer clear of this album, because no amount of tolerance can prepare you for this !

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