Isolation in Infamy

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Band Name Isolation In Infamy
Album Name Isolation in Infamy
Type EP
Data de lançamento Abril 2011
Labels Self-Released
Estilo de MúsicaDeath Black
Membros têm este álbum1


1. Theory of Flight
2. Psychological Bombardment
3. Unison of Beasts
4. Threshhold
5. Solitary Insanity
6. Inanimate Existence

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Isolation In Infamy

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Crítica @ miniradman

12 Maio 2011

Finally, A Blackened Technical Death Metal Band Worth Listening To!

Isolation In Infamy released their self titled EP in April of 2011, this technical blackened death metal band hails from Los Angeles California and is unsigned. There are not many blackened technical death metal bands out there. The best thing about this band is that they take the very best elements from both subgenres and combine them. This is great because not many bands can do it as well as these guys can. These guys are far from just your average technical death metal band, they don’t seem to be over the top technical, they really have a unique sound to them. Not only all this, but they also have a fairly unique feeling behind their music as well.

These guys have created some of the best technical blackened death metal around. It combines best ingredients from each of the genres and create some “gourmet” technical black death. It is very easy to tell that these guys are influenced in black metal in some way and it’s obvious that these guys have a technical element to them. It’s a little awkward listening to these guys because they have taken so much from each genre it seems is little different, and this difference is a good thing. They have the black metal vocals and the style of drumming at times is usually associated with true black metal bands. Also, the distortions of the guitars have a black metal ring to them. At times the guitars can have a very pagan feel to them which just adds some more awesomeness to this bands music. And just like many pagan bands they are played out to sound like they are telling a story or have some kind of order to them. These guys can switch instantaneously from sounding like a brutal black metal band to a technical death metal band. The transitions are not subtle but they do seem to flow fairly well. The guitars are played at a very high speed and they are also very highly pitched. Which is one of the main characteristics technical death metal, and who can forget the drumming. Yes they drum fast too.

The best thing about this band is that they are not always over the top brutality, which is a mistake done by numerous bands now days and it’s about time as well. They are far more melodic than many of the progressive technical death metal bands out there such as Fleshgod Apocalypse and Obscura. Also the black metal twist which is evident in their music gives them more of a feel as well because it’s rare to have a black metal band that is all out brutality especially which the distortion of the guitars. The shredding of the guitars sounds very similar to As Black Runs Black which is another thing that really impresses me about this band. Even the drumming sounds similar, you could almost infer that these guys must have recorded their music in exactly the same studio. I think the balance between the bands melodic parts is perfect. They have some very melodic parts to them and they are just as good as any other melodic death metal band. They have some awesome solos and at times you could swear that you are listening to a melodic death metal band. Even though the drumming is extremely fast at times, the music still feels orderly and like a melodic death metal band, which I think is the way that is intended and it’s supposed to be. It’s just another thing that these guys do that would impresses the listener.

Not only do these guys have elements from other metal genres that everyone loves and some kind of method to their madness, at times they have some strong atmosphere to their music which is another perk that is brought about by mainly their black metal side. But also they do have the feeling of a melodic death metal or melodic deathcore band. The main style of atmosphere you get when listening to this band is a very heavy dark atmosphere. It’s not dark as in emotional but dark as in fast paced grimness. It’s something that is usually associated with many brutal black metal bands such as Marduk and Infernal War. This is really good because it contrasts really well with the other styles of atmospheres of moods within their music. These guys also have a paganish feel to their music as well. This is probably brought about by the guitar distortion and the style but I think that the style of drumming is equally responsible for this. This contrast between the pagan and true black metal elements really highlights the band music and keeps the music from getting boring. But, as mentioned before these guys have two key elements. The technical death metal side isn’t as atmospheric as the black metal side but the moods are completely different. Rather than having the grim emotions of your average technical death metal band, these guys have taken the moods from melodic death metal and power metal bands and have applied them to their technical style. This is excellent because not many band actually do this and when a band finds something like this the product is usually great metal.

These guys must be very highly skilled to play something like this and yes they have infact made this requirement. Each band member seems to be pulling their weight equally throughout the whole of the album, there are no passengers here. This is excellent because it really does feel like they are working as a band. The music is very tight and extremely technical and most importantly it’s in time. The vocals are extremely good because they vocalist uses numerous styles which other vocalists cannot do with equal skill. He does black metal vocals very well, it is not overly distorted but it still sounds raspy. They sound very similar to Marduk’s vocal style, the only difference is that he actually does more than just that one style. He also does very decent growls as well, he can actually go very deep compared to the Black Metal vocalists and growls are almost essential to the death metal genres. It’s easy to tell that his growls are the same as his yells because there are numerous times where he goes from a yell and slides down to a growl. No matter how he does it, it sounds awesome.

The guitarist has a very high level of skill as well. There aren’t many guitarists out there that can match the quality of the guitar work done here. It’s extremely tight with the band and very technical. Both rhythm and lead guitarists are responsible for this because they both seem to do one hell of a job. Also, they can play a variety of different chords to suite the intended pace or mood of the section or the song. For example, one minute they are shredding the hell out of the guitars and next minute they are play thrash metal chords or have slowed down to a crawl.

Now finally, the drumming, the drumming is easily the highlight of any technical death metal band and these guys are no exception. The drummer is absolutely top notch and at times, you could swear that he is a drumming machine. He is perfectly in time with the other members and he doesn’t over do it as well. He governs the pace of the band and he is doing an excellent job at doing that. He is super fast at everything he does, and that does include his doubles. His doubles are gut busting to the max. Although the double kick itself is a little bland, the sheer speed of them makes up for that. He really pulls out all the of the stops when it’s time for the breakdowns, he just goes all out with his doubles and the time he does this in the track Unison Of Beasts is the best moment in the whole EP.

There are some really great tracks of the EP, all five tracks are excellent and are recorded in high quality. Although some of the track titles might seem a little weird and imply that they are dark and emotion, they are not. All of them are action packed and should satisfy any extreme metal fan. The opening track Theory Of Flight really sets the stage for the rest of the album. It displays what this band is about and what they have come to achieve. It has the classic black metal vocals combined with some awesome guitar shredding and fast paced drumming. Despite of all this, it sounds more like melodic death metal than any other track on the album. It just has that certain vibe that say “yes I am melodic death metal”. The next track Psychological Bombardment, and as the name suggests, it is definitely the most technical track on the album. This is that track that sounds more like technical black death, and this is the track that could be mistaken for Marduk’s material. The blast beats are amazing in this track and it really shows off the drummer’s skill. Now the third track Unison Of Beasts is definitely the most outstanding track out of the whole EP. It packs more punch in this track alone than some other bands can get in an entire album. They frequently change from fast pace to slower paces and there are many different moods within the track itself. Not only this, but the real highlight of the track is the epic breakdown that is hidden in the first half. It is extremely heavy and is the best part of the album. All the members are in time and the doubles are extremely fast. That breakdown is just sheer excellence. Fast forward three tracks and then you hit Inanimate Existence, it is the most folky sounding track out of the EP. Its fast and it has that kind of adventurous feeling behind it which is usually associated with folk metal. It’s not slow either, it much faster than your regular folk metal track but it does maintain its mood and ultimately… its purpose.

Overall, Isolation In Infamy have created an epic debut EP and first impression. This EP could be one of the best releases of the year. It has everything you could possibly want from a technical death metal band and more. It’s extremely fast; everything from the drumming to the guitars, they include moods and emotion into their music which is never a bad thing when done right and finally they have kept the music itself alive by including elements from different genres of metal such as melodic death metal, pagan/folk metal and thrash. I think that this EP is an all-rounder and I would recommend this to anyone who is into extreme metal and it is sure to satisfy. I recommend the track Theory of Flight for anyone who likes their death metal fast and melodic. For Folk Metal lovers I recommend the track Inanimate Existence, it’s not full on proper folk metal but is does have certain folk metal elements in the track. The track Unison Of Beasts is easily the most outstanding track in the whole EP. It is fast, melodic, consists of everything great about this band and it has an epic breakdown. I recommend Unison Of Beasts for anyone who like death metal, deathcore and black metal which is a lot of people. Overall, this is one hell of an EP and one hell of a first impression. I give Isolation In Infamy’s self titled EP a well deserved 19/20.

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CLucker666 - 20 Abril 2012: i met the guitarist when seeing abysmal dawn, because hes there guitarists also and he told me to check his side project out haha
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