In Contempt

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Band Name Sargon (PAN)
Album Name In Contempt
Type Album
Data de lançamento 2011
Labels Self-Released
Estilo de MúsicaDeath Thrash
Membros têm este álbum1


1. In Contempt
2. The Hunger
3. Drowning in Sorrow
4. Attack
5. Crestfallen
6. Restless
7. Dead in Vain
8. Thrash N’ Roll

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Crítica @ heavymetaltribune

27 Janeiro 2011

An enjoyable album with hardly anything bad to say about

Sargon is the first band out of Panama that I encounter and I have to say, this release has left me extremely impressed. Sargon was formed in 2008 and will only be officially releasing their debut full length album, In Contempt this year. One other interesting fact (that actually really caught my attention) is that the band features Alex Marquez of ex-Malevolent Creation fame.

Sargon's music is your usual thrash metal fare with death metal influences. Vocalist/guitarist Frank's vocals are of a higher pitch range of growls, reminding me of Arun, vocalist of India's Devoid. Frank displays his ability on his guitars as well, with soaring guitar solos that range from the usual shred fest to the more contemplative melodic ones, while barking out the lyrics at the same time. Alex also proves that his portfolio is not for show only through his complex and intense drumming. Bassist Edgar is not forgotten as he also displays his presence through his prominent bass lines throughout the entire album.

Sargon also displays their various influences in their music. For example, the melodic death metal elements are prominent through the riffs laid down by the band on tracks such as Drowning in Sorrow. The track also features a quiet moment at the 2:35 mark, where there is a transition to softer parts, with a slick bass lick played at the foreground and the other instruments momentarily going to the background. However, besides short interludes such as these, there is hardly a moment to breathe on the record.

On Crestfallen the introductory riffs feel as if Sargon might break into a ballad, but soon enough they prove listeners wrong as they go back to their breakneck speed. Restless is another such track, with an acoustic guitar-backed intro and twin harmonised lead guitars. There are even neo-classical influences on Dead in Vain, with riffs from the 1:50 mark onwards, and completing the experience with the infectious guitar solo.

Overall In Contempt is an enjoyable album with hardly anything bad to say about it. Judging from the quality of the music on In Contempt, Sargon reeks of talent and is certainly one band to look forward to in the coming years.

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