Hit and Run

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Band Name Girlschool
Album Name Hit and Run
Type Album
Data de lançamento 1981
Estilo de MúsicaNWOBHM
Membros têm este álbum137


1. C'mon Let's Go 03:47
2. The Hunter 03:15
3. (I'm Your) Victim 02:50
4. Kick It Down 03:05
5. Following the Crowd 03:07
6. Tush 02:25
7. Hit and Run 03:04
8. Watch Your Step 03:20
9. Back to Start 03:36
10. Yeah Right 03:19
11. Future Flash 04:50
12. Please Don't Touch
13. Bomber
14. Tonight
15. Demolition Boys (Live)
16. Tonight (Live)
17. Yeah Right
18. Hunter
19. Kick It Down
20. Watch Your Step
Total playing time 36:38

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Crítica @ vikingman369

24 Junho 2011

one of the NWOBHM's under-rated greats

I find myself laughing at articles on Ultimate Guitar that say that metal-heads are tolerant and accepting. I can't count the number of times I've heard metal-fans say ignorant statements like "get your ass back in the kitchen, b*tch" or something else of the sort.Well, here's a band that will kick YOUR ass into the kitchen while they rock the house down! With all the intensity and, dare I say, balls of Motorhead, the all-female metal band Girlschool is another over-looked and under-rated act from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. These ladies hail from a time before "gothic metal" and "symphonic metal", dominated by operatic prima donnas like Tarja Turunen or Simone Simons. They come from the old days, when women had to fight for their right to rock. If any band has ever earned the right to rock, it is Girlschool. Thirty-something years and they're still going (not to mention still rather good-looking for being old enough to be your grandmother!) is something to mention! They've been through the hard times and the good times, and have faced the pain of loss, and they're still around, rocking the world!

Hit and Run is the first album of theirs I heard, and unless I hear another that is better, it has got to be their best work yet! From the very get-go, Denise Dufort's kick-ass drumming gets you ready for "C'Mon Let's Go". My favorites are the opening track, "Kick It Down", their version of ZZ Top's "Tush" (whose tush are they looking for, I must ask?) and the ballsy "Yeah Right".Whoever is playing lead guitar is one bad-ass shredder. Not once do I find myself bored or unsatisfied with the soloing I hear. As for the singing, done by guitarists Kim McAuliffe, Kelly Johnson and bassist Enid Williams, it's got that kind of growl, akin to classic girl rock like The Runaways or Joan Jett; though, undoubtedly, these ladies are heavily influenced by Motorhead. The rest of the tracks range between the meaningful, anti-conformist "Following the Crowd", the non-emotional heartbreak of the title track, or the spaced-out next century "Future Flash" (complete with a creepy back-masked track, featuring the ladies chanting like those damn Siamese-cats from Lady and the Tramp). One would be hard-pressed to find a bad track on this album.Definitely get this album, or listen to it any way that you can! It is one of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal's under-rated greats, and a big middle finger raised high in the direction of the misogyny of rock and metal. Move over boys, Girlschool is taking over!

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swit35 - 24 Junho 2011: You're right man, thanks for this brilliant recall... I also like the Screaming Blue Murder album.
hellion_666 - 26 Junho 2011: Man, i still remember seeing Motorhead & Girlshool live in London all those years ago. Girlschool rocked yer ass off the and still do now. Thanks for the awesome article Vikingman
mechant - 28 Julho 2021:

Solide album de NWOBHM et qlq peu oublié,dommage ....acquis en vinyle chez Sue à Lectoure.

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