Hazardous Mutation

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Band Name Municipal Waste
Album Name Hazardous Mutation
Type Album
Data de lançamento 02 Outubro 2005
Estilo de MúsicaCrossover
Membros têm este álbum206


1. Deathripper
2. Unleash the Bastards
3. The Thing
4. Blood Drive
5. Accelerated Vision
6. Guilty of Being Tight
7. Set to Destruct
8. Hazardous Mutation
9. Nailed Casket
10. Abusement Park
11. Black Ice
12. Mind Eraser
13. Terror Shark
14. Bang Over
15. The Thrashin' of the Christ

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Municipal Waste

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Crítica @ Scandals

26 Setembro 2008
Leaders in the 'new wave of thrash' currently thundering around the ears of metalheads, Virginia, USA's Municipal Waste possess something that detractors of such a musical rejuvenation as a pointless retreading of classic works cannot complain about genuinely good songs.

The Waste thrash like its only gonna be cool for thrash to be retro for the length of their albums and thus must get all their quality out there before its done.
Their latest release, 'The Art of Partying', is probably a better album than this, but there's something fresh and exciting about Hazardous Mutation that appealed to me so much the first time I heard it. Unleash the Bastards is not only a great song title (but a great track), one of many that grab you by the hair, throw you around for a few mins then release you to catch your breath before it does it again.
Municipal Waste thrash like titans, the title track and the brilliantly titled 'Thrashin' of the Christ' provide an awesome pairing in the middle of the album and its fantastic to see a genuine sense of humour still apparent in modern metal and not just raging about the ills of the world.
'Mind Eraser' must be given a special mention for its lyrics about the joys of binge drinking, and the thrash-blast of 'Black Ice' is commendable for the quality of a 45 second riff explosion about crashing on, surprisingly, black ice.

Long let the Waste continue with this awesome thrash, and I hope that once the fad is over and the retro-thrashers disappear back to 1985 that Hazardous Mutation will still stand high as a pinnacle of 00s metal, regardless of genre.

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