Grey Shades

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Band Name Noxius Corp.
Album Name Grey Shades
Type EP
Data de lançamento 2009
Labels Self-Produced
Estilo de MúsicaGothic Death
Membros têm este álbum1


 Grey Shapes
 Screaming Silently
 I Hate The World

 Gray Shades (EBM Remix)
 Entre las Sombras

Total playing time: 24:32

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Noxius Corp.

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Crítica @ Nastasia

24 Março 2011

A good quality release but definitely not for everyone

Noxius Corp is a youthful band from Spanish Barcelona, showing their potential in their second release, EP Grey Shades. What the band is trying to dig out of the most are epic female vocals combined with devilish male grow which was, is and will always be a very likeable combination, and using the latest trends of modern pop music.

What has to be said is that even though the singing is indeed very feminine, there is no surplus sweetness and what you hear is more an overwhelming mixture of very different styles and genres which in some moments sounds awesomely original but sometimes makes your head kind of blow. Also the EP, despite containing five songs, has only three original compositions and the other two are a remix and Spanish version of the title song Grey Shades.

The song itself is not bad at all, much more than mediocre and boring ideas are presented and the talent of individual members is indisputable. For those who don’t wallow in female singing and high pitched voices it would be probably difficult to digest this song even with help of purely male element, and this applies even more to the following song, Screaming Silently. Here you can find also in my view not very well chosen autotune, but also much more of clear solo singing instead of multiplied voice as in the previous song. I Hate the World is finally much more heavy song where more space for growling is given and some almost deathcore elements are heard, which with spoken record gives the whole release a little more spice.

But for me personally, the bonus stuff is most worthy in this EP. The EBM remix of Grey Shades is a perfect thing one wouldn’t be ashamed to play in some dancing venue since the beat and effects are really catchy. And also in my view it is a great idea for any band from non English speaking country to do is to make a song in their native language. So if you are still not fed up with the same tunes and melodies, Entre las Sombras is very pleasant to listen to because Spanish gives it a really nice tinge.

So in general how to sum up this release? It is undoubtedly a good quality release but definitely not for everyone. You really have to be a fan of gothic genre to enjoy it but to judge it objectively, there are not many things one could reproach.

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