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Band Name Dyscaphia
Album Name Dyscaphia
Type EP
Data de lançamento 17 Dezembro 2013
Estilo de MúsicaDeath Metal
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1. Impious Conflagration
2. Altars to the Wretched
3. Enshrined in Pestilence
4. Appease the God

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Crítica @ Metalhead108

17 Janeiro 2014

A Versatile and Great Start!

British Death Metal quintet, Dyscaphia, has released their first EP under that name and has done a great job of showing off what they can do! Most of their songs on this EP can be heard on a split they did with a couple of other Death Metal acts called Split Roast. Nevertheless, Dyscaphia has surprised me with the amount of technicality and brutality and a bit of everything else!

First off, the musicality of this EP is really good for a band that hasn't released a full length yet! There is a lot of very technical and difficult timing sequences in some songs that even some popular bands have trouble doing! this can be heard in the final track and my personal favorite track, "Appease the God". Throughout the record there is a lot of showings of this technicality and also there are a lot of brutal riffs and even some melodic and progressive phrases! A very versatile band that can really show off their musicianship!

The guitar players in Dyscaphia are top notch! They put in every part of metal into their music. In the first track there is some brutal, Suffocation-esque riffs and in the same song they have a groove section that anyone can easily bang their head to. And also in that same song there is a section that was really cool to me involving echoing riffs between the guitars and then the guitars and bass come together for a wicked harmonized lick. In the track i mentioned earlier, "Appease the God", it begins with a very ominous and even progressive sounding clean intro that really surprised me! In some minor spots, there are some tempo malfunctions that the strings encounter. However, this nit-picky criticism is overshadowed by all the pros in the record! Again, a true statement on the musicality and versatility of the band as a whole!

The drums in this record are damn good also! He has really mastered the blast beat and is right on time with all of his fills, even the ones shown in "Altars of the Wretched" that seem to be light speed, he does them with absolute precision. However, being fast isn't the only job for the drummer. A drummer has to give a solid beat to keep the band in line with each other and also provides a groove for the listener to enjoy, the beat in which the drummer puts into action can alter the sound of the song completely. This isn't a problem for this drummer! In some tracks he is super technical and all over the place with his kit, and in some parts he is groovy. Yet another aspect of this EP that is extremely versatile!

The vocalist is above average. He has those great death metal growls that is a staple for the genre, but he has a mediocre high-pitch that might need some work. Every moment he uses his growl is great! The listener can tell that he is really comfortable with them because he can execute them going fast, slow, whatever! That isn't the case with his highs. The only time he ever uses his highs is when he is going at a moderate speed. Though i might seem negative about the vocalist, that is far from the truth! I think he is great addition to the band, but to improve his own versatility, my advice is for him to work a little on his high pitched vocals.

Overall, this EP kicks ass. This is a very good addition to the Death Metal community and I hope we will be seeing them more in the future! This particular EP gets a 17/20

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