Drifting Through the Void

Lista de Bandas Black Metal Svarti Loghin Drifting Through the Void
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Band Name Svarti Loghin
Album Name Drifting Through the Void
Type Album
Data de lançamento 05 Abril 2010
Estilo de MúsicaBlack Metal
Membros têm este álbum6


1. Red Sun Sets 02:17
2. Kosmik Tomhet 07:50
3. Odelagd Framtid 07:50
4. Drifting Through the Void 07:31
5. Nightsky Interlude 01:36
6. Bury My Heart in These Starlit Waters 09:10
7. Planet Caravan 04:08
8. Stargazer 06:48
Total playing time 47:10

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Crítica @ Nastasia

14 Abril 2010
Close your eyes and take a deep breath – Drifting Through the Void, a new album of Svarti Loghin, is going to take you to a ride through a dreamland where the music gives more space to your imagination more than trying to enforce you an exact image. The band staked on melodies and riffs and all the vocals are somehow pushed back. And even though these Swedes are more known as a black metal band, this time they showed their satiric, experimenting side. But if you are waiting for something more prosaic, there are still the classic raw screams, however not playing the main role but giving the music a deeper atmosphere.

An intro in a form of dreamy tunes of Red Sun sets is a mix of a minimalistic melody with organic nature sounds. It is literally convincing you to forget the world around you and render down. It is interesting how many feelings can be put in such a short and simple melody.

Kosmik Tomhet as well as almost the whole album gives an impression that you are listening to two versions of the same song; the acoustic and more hearable one and the black metal one, while the second is as if hidden in a sonic mist. Almost eight minutes flow by, changing the tempo from an energic to melancholic, then to optimistic and all over again, and as the time goes by, it is even hard to notice that the next song, Odelagd Framtid, already took the place of the previous one. The rhythms are a little faster, the vocals more noticeable and the beats more striking, anyway the whole principle still stays the same.

The following Drifting Through the Void is a symbiosis of a rock ballad with black metal elements and as the title may prompt, the song shows all the aspects of the experiments which the band drifted through while making this album. What really should be said is the fact that every element the band touched could be brought into the perfection if the band stayed by it. Anyway, in this case the decision was made and the album is more like a look-over through different styles, very craftily connected into a whole.

An inlay Nightsky Interlude is just as dark and deep as a night sky could be and makes a contradiction to next song, Bury My Heart in These Starlit Waters. The name contains the same dose of mellowness as the song as well as the hidden energy. The experimenting is gently replaced by a rather rock ballad Planet Caravan that only confirms the statement that by staying by one certain genre, the band can create something really original and special.

As the finale comes Stargazer, the most striking composition of the album and the most arbitrary as well thank to its changes from acoustic passages right into the metal madness.

The whole album is an example of something new and by genre not so popular. It is hard to predict if this is the right way or not since this is not the kind of music you can listen in any mood or in any time. This piece of work requires an open mind and patience to get into the nub of it. But if you do and find something that catches your attention, this album may become a piece that won’t get lost between the other ones.

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darknessguide - 15 Abril 2010: Nicely put, the review sure intrigued me... I'll give them a try, thanks!
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