Aspera Hiems Symfonia - Constellation - My Angel

Lista de Bandas Avantgardiste Black Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia - Constellation - My Angel
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Band Name Arcturus
Album Name Aspera Hiems Symfonia - Constellation - My Angel
Type Compilation
Data de lançamento 25 Junho 2002
Estilo de MúsicaAvantgardiste Black
Membros têm este álbum99


1. To Thou Who Dwellest in the Night 06:46
2. Wintry Grey 04:34
3. Whence & Whither Goest the Wind 05:14
4. Rødt og Svart 05:48
5. The Bodkin & the Quietus ( Reach the Stars) 04:34
6. Du Nordavind 03:59
7. Fall of Man 06:05
8. Naar Kulda Tar (Frostnettens Prolog) 04:21
1. The Deep Is the Skies 04:19
2. Cosmojam 01:45
3. Rødt og Svart 06:08
4. Icebound Streams and Vapours Grey 04:44
5. Naar Kulda Tar (Frostnettenes Prolog) 04:28
6. Du Nordavind 04:29
7. My Angel 05:56
8. Morax 06:28
Total playing time 1:19:45

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Crítica @ L4G4RT0

21 Novembro 2010
This a remix from the original album, with the Constellation - My Angel EP's. I guess a very valuable pack for the fans and of course to all Symphonic Black Metal fans.

Arcturus are one of my favorite Black Metal bands, very much because they are on the "symphonic" area, which is the one I like most and they are very good in it. On this re-release you can listen to the original album with a very well made remaster, you can almost called, a new production (for example, now you can clearly hear the bass). Some of the vocals have also been re-recorded to improve the sound, so you can really feel that this album has a high value added to the original one and if you like the original you will have to buy this one too!

So about the music itself, in case you don't have the original one, you can also go directly to this one: you won't lose a thing. It's the same album! "Aspera Hiems Symphonia" is made of 7 great black metal tracks (plus on extra track) with lots of atmosphere (increased on this remake). From grunting voices to magnificent chorus, you can even listen to backwards singing on "Whence and whither goest the wind" and yes, you can also read some great lyrics because the band has also done a fine job in all of them... And talking about "Whence...", what great sound it has, with those pianos and perfect atmosphere: it's like a ghost song, where you can travel through the mist (i tend to consider this one as an instrumental because there is not much singing). "Raudt Og Svart" has a vicious drumming from start and you can listen to Blackhammer great technique on another great track (with very improved chorus and some vocal nuances). One of my favorite Arcturus songs is "Du Nordavind", and it's kept as beautiful as the original one, with slight improvements. A classic in my opinion with great chorus, guitars, great drumming, a very good piano and beautiful lyrics. Another great song is the heavy dramatic "Fall of the Man", a song that really wakes feelings of sadness and despair, being heavy, beautiful and atmospheric at the same time. A great track. Then we can hear again "Naar Kulda Tar" (a track that is not present in all editions of the original album). An epic song with great chorus, superb sound all round and with an intense atmosphere, starting almost like a dirge.

The second part of the album starts with "The Deep is the Skies" (good song) and a Jean-Miche-Jarre-like track called "Cosmojam" (a bit of a waste i'd say) - both tracks are from the Aspera sessions. Then you have the four songs of the original EP, "Constellation": Rodt og Svart, Icebounds Streams and Vapours Gray, Naar Kulda Tar (Frostnettenes Prolog) and Du Nordavind. You can listen to the same songs that appear later on "Aspera Hiems Symphonia" and discover the differences! Great for the band fans. The last two tracks are the EP "My Angel" with the heavy "My Angel", a more doom/death than black-metal song with a slow tempo with the keyboards marking the rhythm: it's a very dark and dense song, and "Morax" a song with a bad production, interesting enough to take a good listen, but mainly it's there for us to know how Arcturus started.

This re-release it's no more no less than a great addition to any Arcturus fan and a must-buy to symphonic black metal fans: these guys rule! They play with great technique, they have their own style and they play music with great atmosphere, so if you don't know the band you don't know what you're missing (although they have already split by this time).

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