Arcane Divine Subspecies

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Band Name In Slumber
Album Name Arcane Divine Subspecies
Type Album
Data de lançamento 06 Novembro 2009
Estilo de MúsicaMelodic Black Death
Membros têm este álbum4


1. Bleed in Vain 04:05
2. Pinchbeck Identity 04:00
3. Patchwork Masquerade 04:05
4. Mechanic Strychnin Receiver 04:01
5. Fragile Synthetic Order 04:35
6. Fellow Believers Follow 05:11
7. Of Pain and Malice 04:32
8. Soulwrath Princess 04:52
9. Pain Priority Injection 04:11
10. Hatepath Engine 04:39
11. Razorblade Balance 04:33
12. Origin of Carnage 03:26
Total playing time 52:10

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Crítica @ dranoel

27 Novembro 2010
What’s the cause for the rage of the guys round Wofgang Rothbauer? Sometimes the band acts in brutal way concerning music and lyrics so that the plaster flakes from the walls. Singer Wolfgang obviously crossed a vale of tears while writing his lyrics, his most used word is bleed...or is it pain? :) The melodic direction steps to the background and sometimes the sound touches Black Metal regions.

Despite all aggression, IN SLUMBER give some space to catchy rhythms, filigree lead guitars and many grooves to shake one’s head. Consequently, the opener Bleed In Vain hits my nerve centre directly, whereby the tempo is held high, every now and then loosened up by slightly varied quite decent passages. The same tactic is used by the Upper Austrians during the following track Pinchbeck Identity, whereby the hammer is swayed in lyrical manner; musically, the mid tempo reigns and the song dies away with some calm chords, which will be heard anew later on Arcane Divine Subspecies. The calm middle- and ending part of Patchwork Masquerade prove that fact.
It is interesting that this album offers some uncommon guitar melodies, which sound a little bit cumbersome and show the guitarists as artists keen to experiments. The drums are presented in alternating style, because the double bass is adopted every now and then, but not continuously, which boosts its effect.
One of the most felicitous compositions is entitled Fragile Synthetic Order and it is played in neck-hostile way, featuring a first-class lead melody as well as an irresistible groove. In addition, the speed is varied in wonderful manner and the breaks show up in convenient unobtrusive style. These are the reasons why this song sticks out of the high quality stuff. Perfectly! Outstanding leads are anew offered during the following grooving piece Fellow Believers Follow. Interspersed breathers and a cool refrain boost the atmosphere; some calm chords let the song fade out. Another downright hit strikes us with the impelling stumper Soulwrath Princess and overruns the listener with fluttering guitars and intensely screamed vocals, which are varied through a spoken passage. The relaxed middle part contributes a lot to the dense sentiment.
Did everything remain unaffected? Not entirely! The track Pain Priority Injection surprises with a quite strange soundscape, because I get aware of a futuristic keyboard and experiments in the background. These new sounds are integrated and arranged with such a sure instinct that they do not break the energy and the flow of this album. In contrast, they add another interesting facet. The quite bulky track Razorblade Balance also got a modern and enriching touch concerning music and voice. Yeah, who dares something, wins much!

The damn hard as bone reckoning turns out very pleasing as usual. IN SLUMBER present a lot of damn strong chords and leads, they integrate calm elements right in time and they try to use new sounds – that’s really damn cool!

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