Anubis Gate

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Band Name Anubis Gate
Album Name Anubis Gate
Type Album
Data de lançamento 13 Setembro 2011
Estilo de MúsicaProgressive Metal
Membros têm este álbum18


 Hold Back Tomorrow
 The Re-Formation Show
 Facing Dawn
 World in a Dome
 Desiderio Omnibus
 Oh My Precious Life
 Golden Days
 Telltale Eyes

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Anubis Gate

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Crítica @ Dr.Feelgood

26 Setembro 2011

Progression From Here To Eternity

It is almost proved that the albums of the bands whose title is the same to the name of their bands, they are regarded as masterpieces that time told. The most albums of that case are the debut for each band, but there are always the exceptions like Whitesnake, Candlemass and of course Anubis Gate. I used that introduction so to express from the beginning how great album Anubis Gate is, according to me.

First of all, because we have to do with a progressive metal band, I want you forget all the well – known names of that style, like Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Tool, all the others and focus on Anubis Gate only. The main target of the band is to deliver to us beautiful and melodic music if not colorful and progressive is the medium of the four musicians to reach their target. I know that the last days there have been released many great albums, but I am not sure yet if the above tactic has been used by the rest musicians, anyway the third clue of the album is, lyricism.

It seems that Anubis Gate is a very smart band, they are not falling in the same trap just like many bands are doing and what trap is this? Many musicians try to reproduce the somehow perfect sound of the ‘90s and as a result they play something we have heard before, we like it but only for the first week, because after we are searching for fresh treasures. Anubis Gate create a music under the veil of a modern sound, the sound of 2011 and they play with pretty much heavy volume on guitars, similar to the volume of Nevermore. They combine heavy volume with speed and breaks and this seems and sounds too fresh and able to keep our interest adhered to the album. Listen carefully to “Oh my precious life”, “Telltale Eyes” and “Desiderio Omnibus”, heavy riffs and awesome alternations between melody and prog power and the solos sometimes peaceful and yet made of metal, the third song is by far one of the best of the album.

Apart from the classic atmosphere of progressive in here there is a song which differs a lot from the rest songs, I am talking about “Facing dawn” which I could characterize it as the commercial song of the album, but on an underground way, listen to its beginning and its chorus, there is a big difference on the rhythm, which is not bad at all. On the other hand, I love it and I have a strong will to hear again and again.

A good progressive musician must not show his abilities only in songs that last at least four or five minutes, but also his abilities should be obvious in a song of seven or nine minutes. “Hold back tomorrow” and “Circumstanced” are the two songs which could not be more progressive. Alternations, gentle heavy guitar parts and the clue of lyricism that I mentioned before are being presented in their entire splendor. You feel the lyricism on guitars, on keyboards and mostly on vocals from Henrick Fevre, you just do not want them finish. After that you have nothing more to ask for.

I do not know if Anubis Gate will reach one day the level of other bigger bands, but… honestly I do not care, I like them as they are, I like the way they play and that do not try to imitate someone else!

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