4-Ways European Rottenness

Lista de Bandas Porno Gore Grind 55 4-Ways European Rottenness
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Band Name 55
Album Name 4-Ways European Rottenness
Type Split
Data de lançamento 17 Outubro 2011
Estilo de MúsicaPorno Gore Grind
Membros têm este álbum2


1. Slaughtering Your Dismembered Genitals
2. Visible Bones Soked in Splattered Pus
3. Repeathedly Gang Raped Humiliated and Left for Dead
4. Slowly Decaying of My Own Flesh
5. A Hunt for a Human Flesh
6. Sensation Thru Extermination
7. Self Excoration Until Rottened and Disfigured
8. Too Many Humans
9. Wake Up in Your Own Blood
10. Another Friend and Victim
11. Anal Massacre
12. Raped in a Van
13. Infested Torso
14. Vomiting Maggots
15. Born to Murder
16. Swollen Fetus
17. Putrid Mass of Excrements
18. Chainsaw Slaughter
19. Decapitated Regurgitation
20. Stomach Full with Vomit
21. Vomit in Your Mouth
22. Infeet Party
23. Spit It Out
24. Cutted to Pieces
25. Happy Mutilation
26. We Support War
27. Terror
28. No Way
29. Bomb Them
30. Deutschland 1939
31. You Hate Me I Hate You / Living Like an Animal (GG Allin Medley Live)
32. Spero Venga la Guerra (Wretched Cover Live)
33. Psychotropic Subconscious THC Mind Trip in Smoke Doubing the Quantity of Good Ass Weed
34. Crashing Short Bus Teen Party Splattering Divirginated Guts After Booze Drinking, Backward Fuckin' and Getting Some Illegal Twat Meat
35. Gang Bashed, Humiliated Emo Teen Cum Rag, Dragged Thru Room of Disturbing Crooked Perversions for Hateful Fun
36. Doffied Blunt Dumpin' and Joint Rollin' Private Skank in a Pot Cave of a Perverted Jackoff
37. Molesting the Bastard Children of Good for Our Unbearable Fun While Licking Fresh Pooty Tang Out from Virgin Mary's Sodomized Cooch and Ramming Her Virgin Holes Like All of God's Children