Cronica : Teaser of new music video

Środa 14 Grudzień 2022 - 19:03:36 by Addka

The Cronica band has posted a teaser of the music video for the song Światnios. The music video will be released on December 17. The composition comes from the album Ukony released this year.

A few words about the album and music video:

The word "Ukony" means "duties", which in the lyrical layer are the common denominator for all songs from the album.

The lyrics of the songs oscillate around two axes. The first is Slavic demonology presented in a fairy-tale and satirical way on the one hand, and terrifyingly "practical" on the other. The second is human nature, man with the whole range of his flaws and irrational fear.

During the recording of the album, the male voice of the band was recorded by Rafał "Rasta" Piotrowski himself, the voice of the Decapitated group, whose guest appearance can be heard in the song "Dla korzeni".

The album "Ukony" was recorded at No Fear Records, and Tomasz "Zed" Zalewski - one of the leading specialists in the country and Europe - took care of the mix and mastering.

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