Cavalera Conspiracy : Two Songs Available For Download

środa 27 Luty 2008 - 16:24:44 by kain_686

The following was written in a promotional publication by Roadrunner Records:

"The wait is over. The time is now. Many said it would never happen, that Max and Iggor Cavalera, the Brazilian brothers and visionaries that formed the groundbreaking Sepultura would reunite to make music together again. Despite having spent 12 years apart, the inescapable fact remains: Max and Iggor share blood and an unparalleled sonic kinesis. Hence, the Cavalera Conspiracy was born. While the Cavalera Conspiracy and their debut "Inflikted" may seem like the closest we'll get to a Sepultura reunion, make no mistake. The Cavalera Conspiracy is its own maniacal, untameable beast with its own set of rules.
Two tracks from the album, the title track "Inflikted" and first single "Sanctuary" are now up and doing the rounds at website. Just go to the news section, follow the link and decide for time it will become obvious that its only the music, not the rumours, that speaks the loudest."

Both songs are also available for download at the band's MySpace page.

"Inflikted" will be released internationally on March 24th and in the U.S.A. on March 25th.

1. Inflikted
2. Sanctuary
3. Terrorize
4. Black Ark
5. Ul...-Violent
6. Hex
7. The Doom Of All Fires
8. Bloodbrawl
9. Nevertrust
10. Hearts Of Darkness
11. Must Kill


Line up:
Max Cavalera - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Iggor Cavalera - Drums and Percussion
Marc Ruzzo - Lead and Rhythm Guitar (Soulfly)
Joe Duplantier - Bass (Gojira)


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