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the Wtorek 01 Maj 2007

It's by e mail that I learned that ESP ( Eric Singer's Project ) would play on this March 23rd in switzerland, on the occasion of a private concert, with session of deication and photos...
How to resist to the appeal of a band formed by musicians such as Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick
( KISS ), John Corabi ( ex Motlëy Crue ) and Chuck Garric ( Alice Cooper )?
As fan of those 3 bands, I could not miss that.

Let's Go!!!! After two hours of road, an accident and some skids that I succeeded in being embedded in the just room at the moment or ESP lands for the sound check, I am the first one to salt Eric Singer and the others...Some hours later, the concert begins with EVERSINCE, Swiss group, in the influences électro-black... Regrettably for them, the public amassed here this evening is not really used to this kind of sound..
Good performance and good pub for the swiss band...

It is there that things begin to be incredible, Eric Singer shows finally the end of his nose, followed by meadows by John Corabi who seizes the microphone to greet the crowd..
From this second, it is the madness, the fans are beautiful and possessions present and determined well to show it.
Bruce Kulick was seized his guitar and, since the first note, the most hooked recognize his so particular play!!

The setlist is begun at the moment, the songs of KISS, as " Nothing to loose ", "Domino", sung marvelously by Chuck Garric, either still "Wor Machine",mixed up with fragments of Motlëy Crue, Deep Purple, or still Led Zep....
The machine with Rock 'n' roll is thrown, nothing more can stop it.
Even not the microphones which fall, repeatedly around the drums, the jacks which disconnect, what makes Bruce laugh.
They give all, our rock stars, unchain the public, make him pass of the laughter in tears with wonderfull solos, and magnificent voices...
Eric Singer well plans to prove once again his capacity to be sung by typing his drums of all his strengths, what is not to disappoint us, because as usual, he insures very well both things...
The concert ends, and it left for the running in dedicate!!!
After several minutes of fight, crushed some against the others, I reach at the level of the table, John Corabi are the first one whom I meet, followed by Chuck Garric, and finally Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick....

I cannot describe you the feeling which crossed me at this moment there, it was the most beautiful day of my life!!!!

Still thanks to Mr Alain Farhni (Kissman organization), for the organization of this private evening which will memorized by the fans for ever...


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