Cave In (VO)

interview Cave In1) Can you introduce us the band ?
Myself, Stephen Brodsky... Adam McGrath, Ben Koller, and Caleb Scofield.

2) how can you decribe your music?
Cosmic fiery shrapnel being contorted and twisted in a sonic hellfire that
skips across a sea of vapor.

3) Who is the songwriter?
We usually hire outsiders to write our stuff for us, but if that doesn\'t
work, we abuse large amounts of drugs until a false sense of inspiration
takes us over.

4) Can you te
interview Cave Inll me more about your new record \"PERFECT PITCH BLACK\"
It\'s a melting pot of all things Cave In - except that the pot burned for
too long, and created a mess that ate away through the metal of the stove

5) What\'s your favorite band?
The Crash Test Dummies.

6) What is your best memory with Cave In?

Playing a show in Pittsburgh where a group of kids had written the word
\"crambone\" across their ass cheeks as a request for us to play that song for
interview Cave In>them. We didn\'t play it.

7) What is the spirit of metal for you?

Having a serious \"bangover\" the day after a show - when you try and raise
your head off the pillow, and it\'s near impossible to do because your neck
muscles are so cramped up from thrashing around the night before.

8) When will you come in France for a gigs?
opefully in either February or March of 2006.

9) Thanks a lot, the last words are yours.......


Interview done by Julien

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