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We Come to Fight

EP, 1987, TRC Records

Battlefield (GER) : We Come to Fight


1. We Come to Fight
2. Nuclear Death
3. Knock Down the Door
4. Grave of the Unknown
5. Possessed Preacher

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Still and Ever Again

Battlefield (GER) : Still and Ever Again


1. Experienced to Die
2. Still and Ever Again
3. Battlefield of Misery
4. Red Rag
5. A Leap in the Dark
6. Experienced to Kill
7. Suction of Eternity
8. If Our Earth Could Cry
9. Garden of Stones

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Spirit of Time

Battlefield (GER) : Spirit of Time


1. Walls of Deformation
2. Heat in November
3. Living Skin
4. Through the Moment of Change
5. 7th Sky
6. There Ain't No Sorrow
7. Gerardine
8. Spirit of Time
9. Oh Moon

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