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Through the Endless Torments of Hell

Album, 2003, Self-Released

Armageddon (FRA) : Through the Endless Torments of Hell


1. Through the Endless Torments of Hell
2. Sacrifice in Hell
3. Crypts of Doom and Despair
4. Demonic Attack
5. Cult of the Serpent King
6. As the Night Falls
7. Human Hunt
8. Love or Hate, Pain Is What Remains
9. Requiem for a Dark Soul
10. Hordes of the Dead

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Necromantic Celebration

Album, Grudzień 2011, Emanes Metal Records

Armageddon (FRA) : Necromantic Celebration


1. Necromantic Celebration
2. Pact With Darkness
3. The Shadow of the Beast
4. I Am Your Torment
5. The Curse of Akhmenra
6. Killing Grounds
7. The Serpent King Returns
8. Haunting the Grave
9. Evil Inside of Me
10. Branded & Exiled (Running Wild cover)

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