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Biografia : Torsofuck

Torsofuck started in 1995 as a 2-man project by Mikko Friberg and Åke Andersson. Music was far from good and was somekind of noise/grind.
Soon after forming the band Åke left and Jarkko Haapala came in. Few years passed,many line-up changes happened and band was actually not so active.
First gig lasted only for 8 minutes and was very shitty,but some great underground supporters liked it and wanted the band to play more gigs. Torsofuck played live few times more with bad line-ups and shit like that.
In 1999 band recorded their first demo called "High Level Cannibalistic Violence" and only 30-40 copies were made. That demo was very very bad and shitty,so no more copies were made. Music was somekind of old school death metal. Soon after that band split up.
Nothing happened until 2002 when Hostile Regression Records asked band to share a split cd with Brazilian grinders Lymphatic Phlegm. Mikko and Jarkko got together again and recorded 4 tracks with so much better sound and much better talent.Music was ultra brutal goregrind with some us-death metal influences.