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Roma, Italia's capital city, summer 1996: some friends, who have been active in the local hardcore scene since its start in the late eighties, decided that it was about time to make a conscious effort at trying to raise the quality and political awareness of the local scene. Inspired by bands like Raid, Vegan Reich and Earth crisis, these long tim

e scenesters decided that the time had come to provide the Eternal City with its own 100% Vegan Straight Edge band. The decision was taken right after a Warzone show in Roma, and few days later the first sessions took place. Everything started as a project between a bunch of old friends who were fed up with the inconsistence and decay the hardcore scene was going through. So, since the very start, Purification presented itself as an outspoken and aggressive political band, not afraid to show the world its true colors.
As obvious, this attitude resulted, through the years, in a lot of immotivate hatred and gossips concerning the band. The band's approach was clear and honest since the beginning, and up to today they have not betrayed nor sold out their commitment to a better and more fair society.

With the passing of days many have been those who tried to follow in the footsteps of the Vegan Straight Edge lifestyle, but very few those who have been able to be true to their words.
A stable line-up was decided and rehearsals began, and as a result a demo was recorded short after. It was a three tracks tape titled 'Arkangel' after the name of the first song. It was recorded with very poor means and made in only one hundred copies.

The following year, the band recorded three new songs that came out in the beginning of 1998 as a 7" on Surrounded records from Italia, and also placed some tracks on a couple of benefit compilations for animal liberation prisoners and activists. The "Vessel of Wrath" 7" was also released in the United States courtesy of Catalyst records.

1999: with the new year the band recorded four new tracks, this right before falling in a two years lethargy due to some very serious line-up problems. A couple of new members joined and the band could continue its activity of shows and rehearsals. During this period of 'interregnum' the band played some shows, the 'Vort'n Viz' festival in Belgium in the summer of 2000, and few others. But because of the already mentioned problems Purification had to mantain a low profile and couldn't play around too often.

As we sadly know, trends come and go quicker than most bands themselves, and with 2000 the band witnessed the death of the once famous and numerous 'Roma Straight Edge Legion'. Like in a domino game, where all the pieces fall down one after the other, the local scene fell down and sold-out to other trends and fashions. Confronted with a reality mostly made of insincere and weak individuals, people in Purification decided that they had to hold their ground with commitment and sincerity, and to continue where others failed. Purification was, among the many bands active in the local scene, the only one that remained loyal to the words once spoken.

With the year 2000 a deal was agreed with Sobermind records from Belgium for the release of a CD containing the four new tracks and the three old ones already released on the "Vessel of Wrath" 7". The CD finally came out in 2001, titled "1996-2000", as it was conceived as an anthology of the first five years of life of the band.

In the summer of 2001 something unexpected happened, and an old friend made a comeback, returning the band to its ancient splendor and strength.
October 2001: the band entered the studios again to record four new tracks for a split CD with England's VSE band Unborn. The CD will be released in the beginning of april 2002 on Kerosene records, a label from Germany.
With the band finally back on track many shows were played in Italia and all over Europe, and a new deal for a full-length CD came up with the people at Uprising records, a label from the USA, that already released many important bands (Stretch Armstrong, Vegan Reich, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Race Traitor, Burn It Down, etc...)

2003 and here we are, with what's without any doubt the best line-up Purification ever had. All of the three founding members still into it: Maurizio (vocals), Monster (guitar) and Kappa (drums), and Emiliano as the bass player.
The musical style has remained the same, which means heavy and aggressive metalcore with slayerish solos and a pounding, merciless drumming. Same for the lyrical content, a longtime quality mark for the band, providing intense and provoking thoughts to a open minded audience.
In the beginning of april 2003 the band completed the recordings of their first full-length CD, which will be released worldwide by Uprising records in august 2003. The CD will contain 8 tracks, 6 new ones and a couple of new versions of old songs: 'Holy war' and 'Afraid of this world'. Special guests on this one are Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis/Freya), and Sean Muttaqi (Vegan Reich/Pressure/Captive Nation Rising), both laying down some guest vocals on a couple of tracks. Even if the sound, trademark style of the band, has remained the same over the years, this CD will have some interesting innovations, and the most brutal tracks ever recorded by the band, raising the standards at violent and aggressive metallic-edged new school hardcore.

In a world ruled by apathy and injustice, Purification members know that playing in a hardcore band will never really affect or change this society's wicked ways. But despise this they feel that's very important to go onward and to bring witness of what they believe in, of their undying commitment to the hardcore scene and to the dream of a different world where compassion and respect for all innocent life will be the norm.

To support their Uprising Records debut the band toured all over the world (USA, Japan ,Brazil, Europe), carving their name into the history of the vegan sxe movement along with historical bands like Earth Crisis, Vegan Reich, Raid.

In the end of 2009 the band decided that the time was right for a come back, Purification is writing new material and they are ready to hit the road again.

Source : http://www.facebook.com/pvrification/info