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In 1998, the musical project PROCESS was born. Called at the beginning KARMA, this band is created by five musicians based in the department of the Eure (North West France). After they were playing in other bands during high school, those musicians chose to mix their own musical backgrounds into a single entity.

During two years, the members of the band specified their very original style and they named it NEO ROCK. The year 2000 was an outcome for the combo who determined to officially call for the NEO ROCK music under the name PROCESS.

The current line-up is Liz (vocals), Chris (guitars, music programming), Gilles (keyboards, music programming); Kroma (drums) and Yannick (bass).The band's songbook is a fusion genre, positioning rock music as most prevailing dynamics in the compositions but with a wide range of musical genres, from electro to pop music including musical trends based on metal influences and notably New Metal Melodic. Some tracks are inspired by bands such as Evanescence, Linkin Park, Deftones or Björk. Loud and incisive guitars, electric and electro riffs, massive sounds surrounded by punchy rhythm sections are the main characteristics of Process' sound. Vocals are brilliant and switch between a rock/metal style to a pop music one with higher tonalities and above all sang in French. Process claims proudly lyrics faithful to its native language. Therefore, the band renews the rock scene, usually used to an English songwriting hardly exploited by other French metal bands. Keeping this linguistic specificity, Process emphasises its originality through a unique literary style

After many live performances, the five musicians focused on improving their compositions. L'Elysée Montmartre, La Locomotive, La Maroquinerie , la Scène Bastille, Le Nouveau Casino, Le New Morning, La Flèche d'Or, Le Gibus are all famous places in Paris where PROCESS performs its music.

In 2002, Process released its first self-produced CD (single) - Victim of Yourself . The song was also released as the official single from the album "Lourde Attirance".

After being winners of the 2004 CASHBOX springboard, Process undertook the recording of their first album "Lourde Attirance" produced by SHOWPROD and distributed by ANTICRAFT. This record gathers the most successfully completed songs made by the band since its creation.

In 2006, two major events marked a further step for the band. Firstly, Process shot and the promotional video for "Victim Of Yourself" which was broadcasted on channels like M6 Rock, MCM and Europe 2 TV. Secondly, a tour called TIME To Rock was organized by SHOWPROD and ESPRIT DE SCENE in order to promote PROCESS's first album "Lourde Attirance".

On October 15th 2007, Process will release its second album "Posséder et Appartenir" (SHOWPROD/ANTICRAFT) with twelve new songs that show an evolution to a NEO ROCK ELECTRO style. This album sounds basically louder and closer to what the band plays on stage. The compositions are experimenting widely varied genres and appear more representative of each member's own influences. As on the first album, the lyrics are more accessible in terms of comprehension meaning.

In the meantime, the promotional video supporting the single "Stara Zagora" will be on M6 Rock, MCM and Europe 2 TV. In 2008, Process will be back on tracks with the Time To Rock Tour.

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