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Ex-BLUE QUEST guitar player IVAN VH andhis six string colleague
RUDI VAN DE SYPE founded Native Instinct in 1999.

The latter being one of the original members of CROSSFIRE, the legendary 80s metal band. Soon after, in September 2000, Native Instinct released their first EP, a six-track mini-album, on BUZZVILE RECORDS with DO DV (SOUTHERN VOODOO) on vocals.

It proved to be a very beneficial calling card since favourable reviews appeared in most rock magazines in the Benelux soon after. Also in places as diverse and faraway as Brazil and Germanythe debut record was approvingly received by the rock media.

After the customary line-up turbulences experienced by most newborn bands, Native Instinct found stability with IVAN, RUDI and RONALDon bass being joined by FRANK DV on vocals, and STEVE DC on drums (both ex-YOSH). By then the musical style of Native Instinct became broader and comparisons to bands as diverse as MACHINE HEAD, PANTERA, ARMORED SAINT and even SLAYER and the old METALLICA were no surprises in music magazines.

The mini-album also proved to be an excellent starting grid towards an impressive number of concerts, festival appearances, as well as a string of opening-act-gigs for ex-IRON MAIDEN icon PAUL DiANNO, ANGEL WITCH, SKYCLAD, URIAH HEEP, Y&T, VICIOUS RUMORS, and DORO. The demo also caught the attention of MAUSOLEUM RECORDS, who subsequently signed the band for the release of their debut album: First Born.

Overall First Born turned out to be a powerful true-power-metal album, varied, but nevertheless characterized by thrashy riffs and let Native Instinct share stages with the likes of DORO, VICIOUS RUMOURS,... The year 2005 brought – again – a lot of changes for the band.

Three members were replaced and so JIM C on guitars, KEVIN V on vocals and NICK M on bass joined Steve and Rudi. After finishing the songs for a new album, the band started the recordings in December 2005.

Being left over to the hands of the music industry but without a record deal, the band shook hands with APACHE PRODUCTIONS who are proud to present you “An Awful Rage”.

With monstrous, extreme, to the bone and varied thrash metal Native Instinct are determined to make APACHE PRODUCTIONS and thousands of true metal hearts proud and happy with their awful rage!

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