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“Abortus” (Now Known as HERRATIK) started out in mid 1998 & introduced a new brand of Death/Thrash Metal into the Sydney Metal Scene.

From mid 98 to Early 99, the band recorded some Demo's, went through line up changes, & then in Early 99 “Abortus” was ready to play live, with a tight & secure line-up. Throughout early 1999 the band built up a strong following & the fans were demanding an official release. So in mid 1999 “Abortus recorded their Debut CD “Judge Me Not”, & released it in August 1999.

After the release of “Judge Me Not”, “Abortus” Continued to headline many shows around the Sydney Metal Scene, until May 2000 when the original drummer left the band. While “Abortus” were searching for a new drummer, they did not lay down. They continued to write new material for a second CD.

In August 2000, “Abortus” found the drummer they needed. Mike came into the band. He was given the new material & had until November 2000 to be ready to start pre-production for the second CD titled “Process Of Elimination” The 2nd full length CD was recorded in January, 2001 & released through Italian Label “Code666” in October 2001.


Only two months later, “Abortus” hopped on a plane & headed off for their debut European tour, supporting “Ancient Rites” & “Mystic Circle” in December 2001. The tour consisted of about 20 shows across Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Austria & Switzerland. After going home, “Abortus” planned, booked & promoted their own headline Tour of Australia. This tour consisted of over 20 shows over the space of 8 months. It started in April & finished in November 2002. It went across all the major cities & towns across Australia.

After this tour, “Abortus” became a headliner act across the whole country. After the Australian tour, Mike left the band & “Abortus” were drummer-less again. “Abortus” received the services of temporary fill in drummer “Dave Upston”, & continued to play Headlining shows in 2003, while writing the new material for a third full length release.

In September-October 2003, “Abortus” supported “Mystic Circle” on “Mystic Circle's” debut Australian Headline Tour. This tour was once again arranged, organised & promoted by “Abortus” them self. After the Tour, “Abortus” employed their long awaited 2nd guitarist. The band has been looking for a 2nd guitarist since the first & original rhythm guitarist was fired back in 1998. But prior to hiring Wader, “Abortus” decided to change the name of the band to “HERRATIK” - being the word HERETIC.


Soon after Wader joined the band “Herratik” started pre-production work on the new material. THE NEW MATERIAL The album is titled “Wrath Divine” This new Album contains 10 new tracks, plus 4 more re-recorded older songs from the previous two CD's in recognition of the “Abortus” Days. It was recorded at “AMETHYST STUDIOS”. It has been Engineered, mixed & Produced by former “DIMMU BORGIR” Guitarist “ASTENNU”. The CD, has also been mastered by Australia's best & most Experienced Mastering Engineer, “Steve Smart” at Australia's leading mastering studio; “301 Studios” in Sydney. “HERRATIK” also hired a session drummer to complete this recording. The reason being, that the band was sick of waiting around for so called “good drummers” to get their act together. So the band decided to use a reliable & professional Session Drummer. His name is "NECRODEMON" From one of Germany's leading Black/Death metal bands: "Mystic Circle".

Source : http://www.myspace.com/herratiktheband