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Originating from Bialystok, Poland HERMH was formed in 1993. And after a year HERMH records it's first demo "Oremus Peccatum (Refaim)", and then another "Crying Crowns Of Trees". The MC version of this material was released by a small, underground label Witching Hour Prod., CD version - itialian Entropy Prod. Summer 1995, HERMH signs for Last Epitaph Prod. - new album "Taran" is born. The band plays some gigs with VADER, BEHEMOTH and LAKE OF TEARS. In 1996 HERMH signs for Pagan Records and their new album, "Angeldomon" is released being a big step forward in band's evolution. The band also records a cover of KAT's "Czarne Zastepy" for the album "Czarne Zastepy - W Holdzie KAT" released by Pagan Records. Next HERMH album was supposed to be "Eden's Fire", but because of the differences between band members no album was recorded, and individual musicians join UNKNOWN DIMENSIONS, DOMINIUM, MOON and CHRIST AGONY.

In 2003 the band is re-activated by Bart, but he is the only musician from the original line-up. HERMH is replenished by musicians from ABUSED MAJESTY and ASGAARD bands. January 2004 in Hertz Studio a two week recording session for the mini-album "Before The Eden - Awaiting The Fire" took place. The material contained 40 minutes of modern, sympho-vampiric black metal. Two premiere pieces, three new versions of old ones and two covers (MAYHEM and BATHORY). In addition to the music a professional video clip for the song "Hunger" was also recorded. After releasing this CD the band set off for a tour along with LUNA AD NOCTUM and ASGAARD giving 9 great national gigs. And after good reviews by the press and fans of the MCD "Before The Eden…" the band begun to intensively work on their 3rd album - "Eden's Fire". In early spring HERMH did some good concerts playing along with BEHEOMOTH, CLOSTERKELLER, SACRIVERSUM and ARTROSIS. A good act was also their appearance on Metalmania festival in Katowice.

Finishing months of intense work the material for "Eden's Fire" was born. The album was recorded in HERTZ STUDIO under the supervision of Wieslawscy Brothers. Containing over 40minutes of very intensive and symphonic black metal,brutal death metal riff`s and theatrically knowing only this band. The material is full of medium and fast tempos, and is the most brutal and coherent among the band's works.

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