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Division is a band with a long infamous history in the U.S. metal underground. They started life as "Visionary" in 1993, and made a splash on the local scene with intense music backed by an ferocious live show. This era produced the band's successful single, "Time Between Times."

By 1995, Division recorded their first album, "Paradise Lost". Mixing traditional metal roots with a modern touch, the self-released disc quickly sold out its first pressing. The band's high-energy stage show earned them appearances at several Powermad festivals, as well as performances with Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Fates Warning and Savatage. Division's consistency to deliver quickly established them as one of the premier live acts in the metal underground.

1998's "Ascension To Eternity" (Seigen Records) displayed a new maturity in the band's sound while keeping the high energy of their debut. Once again, Division enjoyed a quick sell-out along with more successful performances with King Diamond, Savatage, Nevermore and Iced Earth. The metal press latched onto the band in the U.S. and Europe with excellent reviews in magazines including Metal Maniacs, Snakepit, Metal Hammer (Greece) and Feast or Famine.

In the process of creating their third album "Trinity," Division endured several line-up changes and substantial hurdles to the album's release. During this period, the band appeared on several tribute albums including "Return of the Mountain King - A Tribute to Savatage" (Progressive Arts) and "Phantom Lords" (WWIII) with versions of their live favorites "Power of the Night" and "Creeping Death", respectively. This period proved beneficial as it both maintained productivity while forging a band with a leaner, more focused direction.

2004 brought forth the long-awaited release of Division's third record, "Trinity," (MetalAges Records), by far the most intense Division album to date. From the ripping opener "Eleventh Hour" through the grind of "Tapping the Vein," and culminating with the epic "No World Order," Trinity showcased the band's razor-sharp energy and aggression while retaining a strong sense of melody. The release earned raving reviews and a feature in the seminal German underground magazine Heavy, Oder Was?!, and selected tracks were included in the accompanying Metal Crusade VII sampler.

Since the release of Trinity, Division has continued its tradition of powerful performances with appearances at Powerfest II, Classic Metal Fest IV & Upstate Metalfest, while sharing the stage with acts such as Helloween, Sonata Arctica, and Testament. The band has also kept busy in the studio with new song demos and several re-recordings of original out-of-print music, as well as contributions to tribute compilations such as "Eagleution: A Tribute To Saxon" (Remedy Records) & "Motormorphosis - A Tribute to Motorhead - Part 2" (Remedy Records). With a re-energized line-up and exciting new ideas, Division completed its transition and is now recording for its fourth studio album.

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