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Starting out in late 1991 and being around as a serious band since 1992, it´s safe to say Defleshed enters their new decade as of 2002. With Mattes replacement of Oskar Karlsson (now Raisted Fist) in 1995 and Kristoffers departure one year later, this three-piece has, what it seems, a most solid line-up consisting of Lars Löfven on guitars, Matte Modin on drums and Gustaf Jorde on vocals and bass. Despite the bad luck of choosing labels, Defleshed has until today managed to produce four full-lenght albums and two min-cds starting with "Ma Belle Scalpelle" MCD 1994, "Abrah Kadavrah" CD 1996, "Under the blade" CD 1998 all released through Invasion Records.

In time for the release of "Under the blade" the trio toured Europe with In Flames and Borknagar. After Invasion Records fall the rights for these albums were sold, with the bands unknowing, to Hammerheart Records who did re-issues of those during the year of 2000. In time for the third full-lengt "Fast Forward" and the live mcd "DeathÉthe High Cost of Living", the band signed for WAR Music who more or less quitted business only one year later. These releases were followed up with a European tour with Cannibal Corpse as well as a small Japan tour.

With a certain amount of hopelessness due to WAR Musics lack of interest in the band, it took Defleshed close to three years to gather energy and insiration to start working for a new album, yet the most variated and powerful ever: "Royal Straight Flesh" recorded in Berno Studios (The Haunted, Witchery) and mixed by Daniel Bergstrand for Dugout Studios (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, In Flames). Other than Defleshed, Matte has done work for Non-Exist and The Hidden and is still active and full member of Dark Funeral.

Right now there are negotiations regarding a European tour in the beginning of next year, hopefully with Grave. Later also a american tour is hopefully to be targeted. "Royal Straight Flesh": launched by Defleshed and missiled through Regain Records 4th of Jan. 2003

Biography taken from the Official website.