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Biografia : Carnophage

The CARNOPHAGE story began in early 2006. The band was formed by Mert Kaya and Bengi Öztürk who had worked together in a couple bands and projects at times. After all this endeavour, they decided to give life to their own musical thougths. Their desire was a controlled, chaotic and a technical form in Death Metal. To achieve this, the duo established Carnophage. After a few weeks, Onur Özçelik of Black Omen (who has been playing with Mert for a couple years) joined Carnophage and the song writing process started. During this process, Berkan Basoglu (guitarist of Solitude) joined the band as a vocalist. His vocal skills quickly adapted to band's music and for the time, the line up seemed to be completed. After a few months, the idea of double guitar working became more appropriate for the band and Berkan took the second guitar position leaving the vocals.Two guitars added more aggression and complexity to Carnophage's music.

Time has come for seeking a vocalist after Berkan switched to the guitars. Carnophage offered the vocal mission to Oral Akyol. He was in charge with Cidesphere (R.I.P.) nearly ten years and after his resignment in Cidesphere, he has been the vocalist for Burst Appeal. Being a death metal head over the years, he accepted throat duties and adapted the band's style perfectly. Finally the line-up was totally ready to write and perform new songs. After the composing sessions, the band entered Midas'in Kulakligi Studios and recorded their debut album "Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare". The final product is a combination of fast and technical/brutal death metal. During the recording session many labels were interested in signing Carnophage. Finally the band got signed with Unique Leader Records. Carnophage has been receiving considerable amount of positive feedback about their work over the net and from the Turkish underground metal scene.

In 26th of August 2008, Carnophage will share the sickness with the world under the flag of Unique Leader Records featuring the artwork of Pär Olofsson (cover art) and Ozan Yildirim (booklet art & layout). Get ready for Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare...

Source : http://www.myspace.com/carnophageturkey