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Biografia : Arise (SWE)

The band was formed back in -94 by Patrik Skoglöw and Daniel Bugno, they started as a cover-band, heavily inspired by the Bay Area scene at that time. Combos like: Sepultura, Pantera and Machine Head were very much appreciated by the band, who made covers of their famous songs. And it´s no secret that Sepultura had to contribute with the name to the band. Erik Ljungqvist became the bands first guitarist and soon after that L-G Jonasson (guitars) and Jörgen "Seabass" Sjölander (troath) joined the band.

This lasted for about a year, until Björn Andvik grabbed the microphone. This was now "the-real-first-setting" that the band ever had and they started to make their own structures. After a while Björn grew tired of singing and left the band, who decided to let Erik try the vocals. However, Erik possesses a more harch voice then Björn ever did, so this were the time for changes.

They realized that they couldn´t go on playing covers all the time and Erik´s voice didn´t fit that music at all. And besides that the inspiration source were now focused at the Scandinavian scene and most of all Swedish Death/Thrash-metal. Two demos with the new material were now quickly recorded by themselves.

Somewhere during April -00 they entered Los Angered Recordings with Andy LaRocque as a producer. This resulted in their first professional made demo entitled "Abducted Intelligence", which received good reviews and soon Spinefarm Records (FIN) showed their interest for the band. During may -01 Arise entered StudioMega to record their first full-length album entitled "The Godly Work of Art" which was released in November -01.

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