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Biografia : Archetype (MEX)

After having been in other death and thrash metal bands, Isabel Romero(ex Blood Slaughter and other bands) and Santiago Ramos (ex Trebaruna and Blood Slaughter) initiated in 2006 the search of members to form a new band: Archetype. After trying with entering and leaving elements, finally in 2008 consolidated the present alignment with members with trajectory who previously had participated in other bands from Mexico, with Alfredo Santillan(ex Soulcide and other bands), Alfonso Quintero(from indie projects) and with a guitar player from the Republic of Chile, Cristian Sarmiento Aguirre(ex Necrodemon). The final alignment of Archetype is conformed by:

Isabel-Voice, Santiago-Bass, Cristian-Guitar, Alfonso-Guitar and Alfredo-Drums.

In 2008 Archetype recorded its first EP, “The Archetypic Curse”,7 tracks, with letters of thematic existentialist, in where a members stampsed a sound with their diferent influences of death metal. In this 2009 the band will send its first LP, “Rise of the bloody slaughter” with label American Line