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Biografia : 10 Eyes

10EYES are a German Band, established in 1998.
Our music contains own stylistic deveices which are not changing continually according to
the permanently changing music-styles in this field.

The songs are not based on the typical "bawl-refrains" and on
wild "high-tech screamings" but try to give a special feeling for the music to our fans.
Our name "10EYES" is based on the matter of fact, that every human had two eyes

10EYES had recorded two Demo-CDs and performed many concerts in Germany since they
were founded. After the first release "Capitol of irregulation" Stephan Maucher and Stefan
Neser left the band. They were replaced by Andreas Vogel (drums) and Heiko Theurer (bass).
In this formation the band recorded their second promo cd "II" which got a lot of good reviews
and feedbacks.

After the recordings for this release Andreas Ilgmeier and Heiko Theurer left the band. For Heiko
Sebastian Holler joined the band. Various sessions were made to find a new frontman but nobody
were able to fulfill the expectations.

In 2002 Sebastian Holler left the band and for a short period Stephan Maucher re-joined the band. In
spring 2003 after a long break one of the founding member Stephan Amrein (keys) and with him
Andreas Vogel (drums) left the band.

Source : http://www.10eyes.de/html/frame.htm