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Emy meets Simon trough Loff (the former singer) at the "BeauxArts" school,where she was allready writting texts.They had to be a duet sort of thing at the beginning but as she had to leave to finish her studies, now she keeps here to give more of her voice. Half of her time is spent organising concerts and the other half with the band. Jess, has a DJ background which gave a dance orientation to his drumming style. His influences stem from post punk, old school trash and hardcore. Him and Simon meet through a friend they have in common involved in graffiti and party promotion. 9 years ago, Simon use to play in a band with Gaelle. He then starts getting into graffiti and manages to expose is work very soon in a parisian gallery. Influenced by different styles (hip hop and traditional afro music), Gaelle has been playing percussion for over 10 years. She claims the right to party!