Peter Tägtgren

Imię Peter Tägtgren
Birth date 03 Czerwiec 1970
Państwo Sweden
Miasto nieznany


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The Abyss

Pain (SWE)

Lock Up (UK)

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War (SWE)

Bloodbath (SWE)

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Peter Tägtgren (born 3 June 1970) is a Swedish musician. He is the founder, main composer, lead singer, and guitarist of the death metal band Hypocrisy. Although Hypocrisy is his main band, he has also worked on many other Swedish metal projects. These include Pain (industrial metal), for which he performs all instruments and vocals and composes all songs, Lock Up (grindcore/death metal), in which he was the vocalist, The Abyss (black metal), where he performed drums, bass and vocals, War (black metal), where he performed drums, and most recently Bloodbath (death metal), also with him on vocals. He also appeared as a live guitarist for the bands Marduk and E-Type.

Additionally, Peter Tägtgren is a renowned record producer in his own The Abyss studios, mixing and editing bands from all over Scandinavia, including Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Children of Bodom and Skyfire.

Peter Tägtgren started playing drums at the age of 9 and later learned to play guitar, bass and keyboard. In addition to that, he is the singer of his two current bands, Hypocrisy and Pain.

After Tägtgren's first band Conquest disbanded, he decided to emigrate to the United States. There he became part of the death metal scene after some practice sessions with Malevolent Creation's guitarist, Phil Fasciana. Peter promised to show them his own recording contract and band within one year.

He started Hypocrisy(at this time a one-man project) and played all instruments himself. Tägtgren signed a recording contract with the independent record label Nuclear Blast.

During the recording of his album "Dancing with the Dead (Pain)", his heart stopped beating for several seconds. This event inspired him to write the song "Dancing with the Dead".

Additionally, Tägtgren "owns" a village in Sweden, called Pärlby. The village has about 120 residents and is about three hours northwest of Stockholm.