Klayton Klayton

Imię Klayton Klayton
Birth date nieznany
Państwo USA
Miasto New York

Klayton is an Electronic Rock musician, who has performed under a variety of stage names over his career, and is best known as being the frontman for his latest project, Celldweller.

Klayton has been a part of many bands and side projects over the years, including Circle of Dust, Argyle Park, Angeldust, Klank, and Celldweller. His role in many of his earlier bands (such as Circle of Dust) was mixing, producing, and the performance of virtually all instruments. In the case of Klank, he had less direct influence than usual, mainly producing an album, but he still co-wrote about half the songs on it. With Celldweller, his latest project, he continues his "one-man band" method of creating music, which he did with every Circle Of Dust song on all four releases and over 90% of the instruments on Argyle Park's Misguided CD.

One of the main reasons that Klayton has been a part of so many bands is his desire to change the type of music he creates whenever he feels it necessary. His first main act, Circle Of Dust, had a very distinct feeling of electronic music mixed with heavy metal, though by its final album, it had a noticeably softer and more "gothic" edge to it. His next project, Argyle Park, was a short-lived collaboration between himself and his friend, who goes under the stage name of Buka, and Bukasdead in the actual liner notes to the album. Argyle Park released one critically acclaimed album, Misguided, before Buka(sdead) officially "shut it down". Angeldust, which followed, saw Klayton paired up with showman Criss Angel (Christopher Sarantakos), and while the band did not last long (Angel now releases music under his own name), Klayton once remarked that he learned a lot about making a good live show. His latest band, Celldweller, is very easily distinguished from the rest by the many types of music he has produced, which includes mixes of death metal, trance, techno, and dance. The live show that Scott produces (with the help of additional band members) now includes more use of video and lighting in sync with the music.

Produced albums

  • Blue Stahli : Antisleep Vol.1
  • Blue Stahli : Antisleep Vol.2
  • Blue Stahli : Antisleep Vol.3
  • Blue Stahli : Blue Stahli
  • Blue Stahli : The Devil (Chapter 01 Deluxe)
  • Blue Stahli : The Devil (Chapter 02)
  • Blue Stahli : Ultranumb
  • Celldweller : Blackstar Act One : Purified
  • Celldweller : Blackstar Act Two: Awakeing (Original Score)
  • Celldweller : Celldweller
  • Celldweller : Celldweller (EP)
  • Celldweller : Cellout EP 01
  • Celldweller : Elara
  • Celldweller : End of an Empire
  • Celldweller : End of an Empire (Chapter 01: Time)
  • Celldweller : End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love)
  • Celldweller : End of an Empire (Chapter 03: Dreams)
  • Celldweller : End of an Empire (Chapter 04: Death)
  • Celldweller : End of an Empire (Chapter 3 : Dreams)
  • Celldweller : First Person Shooter
  • Celldweller : Groupees Exclusive (Unreleased EP)
  • Celldweller : Kill the Sound
  • Celldweller : Live Upon a Blackstar
  • Celldweller : New Elysium (Single)
  • Celldweller : Shapeshifter
  • Celldweller : Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 01
  • Celldweller : Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head Vol. 02
  • Celldweller : Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 03 (Chapter 1)
  • Celldweller : Space & Time
  • Celldweller : Switchback
  • Celldweller : Tough Guy
  • Celldweller : Tragedy
  • Celldweller : Transmissions : Vol. 1
  • Celldweller : Transmissions Vol. 2
  • Celldweller : Unshakeable
  • Celldweller : Wish Upon a Blackstar
  • Celldweller : Zombie Killer
  • Circle Of Dust : Contagion
  • Circle Of Dust : Machines of Our Disgrace (Single)
  • Circle Of Dust : Metamorphosis
  • Circle Of Dust : Neophyte