George Pettit

Imię George Pettit
Birth date 1982
Państwo Canada
Miasto nieznany


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George grew up in the 'Gateway to Niagara' town of Grimsby. He attended Lakeview Public School for his elementary years, and Grimsby Secondary School where he began to realise his dream of becoming a rock artist through various small gigs throughout the area.

At the age of 19, George, joined by friends Dallas Green, Wade MacNeil, Chris Steele, and Jesse Ingelevics formed what is now the well known Post-hardcore/Hardcore band, Alexisonfire. George is the band's lead vocalist whose style has matured and diversified throughout his career.

In January of 2009, George married his long-time girlfriend, Megan. Their first child, Owen Edward Pettit, was born on the winter solstice, December 21st 2009.

Pettit is an avid record collector as well as a DJ, taking tips from the great DJ King Tubby. He is also known for his diverse music taste ranging from Rick James and Nancy Sinatra to The Screamers. Pettit was a juror on the first two episodes of Video On Trial, a television show on MuchMusic, under the alias George Logan. He also hosts Strange Notes, a television program which airs on BiteTV and The show features in-depth interviews conducted by George of artists that he finds interesting.

On The Side

George is involved in bandmate Wade MacNeil's side project Black Lungs, for whom he sometimes plays bass on tour.

Previously, a band called called The Bergenfield Four (including Pettit alongside members of Attack in Black and Fucked Up) did their first show in Toronto, Ontario at the El Mocombo, in the fall of 2006. They released a four song 7" demo in April 2007.

George Pettit appears in the Cancer Bats videos for "100 Grand Canyon" and "Pneumonia Hawk" as well as contributing vocals to Pneumonia Hawk. He also appeared with Dallas Green on Jude the Obscure's album, on the song "Wake Up My Love". George Pettit dedicates Old Crows, Young Cardinals to his great friends, Damon Kapuscinsky and Frankie Franck.