Worlds I Create

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Band Name Pantheon I
Album Name Worlds I Create
Type Album
Data wpisu 27 Lipiec 2009
Styl muzycznyBrutal Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album15


 Written in Sand
 Defile the Trinity
 Serpent Christ
 Myself Above All
 The Last Stand
 Burn the Cross

Total playing time: 47:30

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Artykuł @ Polonium

17 Grudzień 2009
When anyone sees a band genre categorized under the term "Black Metal" and the origin is Norway he expects good music for Black Metal is one of Norway's famous exports. Well that what happened to me when I was surfing, I saw this band and I wanted to give the guys a shot and see what they got, so I downloaded this album and started listening to it.

The issue is: there's nothing that could be named a song in the whole album, I mean what really gets you into a song is the good rhythm and that's what this album lacks the most. You can't tell where exactly a song starts or ends, despite the fact that there are no solos worthy of being mentioned.

Let's talk more about music, as I said before, guitars are loud, distortion is good, and that really makes it a great mid-finger for anyone who listens to this album because these guitars are not being used properly, for a while I thought that those guys are just trying to make noise, not a normal noise, but a real annoying noise. Drums are so normal and I guess that any drummer in the world can play this, there's really nothing good to be mentioned here too. And for the violin thing, I don't know what the hell can a violin do in Black Metal music, yes there's a good violin sound in the album, but if you didn't know that they have a violin player you might think that these sounds are keyboards, which are more common among some sub-genres of Black Metal.

The vocals are better than any other instrument used in this album, still, not good enough or let's just say, there are much better nowadays. And for the clean vocals in the 4th song "Serpent Christ" I just want to say that Dimmu Borgir experiment in Black Metal is not good and clean vocals are not for Black Metal.

For the lyrics, unfortunately the band failed here too, the lyrics are so weak and not suitable for Black Metal by any means and miserably lack the proper rhyme, the only thing related to Black Metal in those lyrics is the "Anti-Christ" attitude, and lyrics in this album are so commercial and so common and a great disappointment when being compared to their titles.

In the end, why 9 out of 20? Well, the cover artwork is good and as I said before the chosen titles for the album as a whole and for the songs are good too and there's, of course, the effort those guys have given throughout the process of creating this album, but I think a greater effort must be given to reach the gates of Norwegian Black Metal.

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