Wearing a Martyr's Crown

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Band Name Nightrage
Album Name Wearing a Martyr's Crown
Type Album
Data wpisu 25 Czerwiec 2009
Wyprodukowany przez Fredrik Nordström
Styl muzycznyMelodic Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album62


1. Shed the Blood 04:13
2. Collision of Fate 05:13
3. A Grim Struggle 05:03
4. Wearing a Martyr's Crown 04:30
5. Among Wolves 04:29
6. Abandon 04:30
7. Futile Tears 05:18
8. Wounded Angels 04:00
9. Mocking Modesty 04:29
10. Failure of all Human Emotions 04:36
11. Sting of Remorse 05:21
Total playing time 51:42

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27 Październik 2009
I thought that their previous album, A New Disease Is Born, was a great album. So I was interested in their new album, Wearing a Martyr's Crown, and shopped on I-Tunes for it. I listened to the 30 second audio samples for each song and thought that this would be another killer album. I downloaded this album, because the songs seemed to rock with the same intensity and eloquence.
This is the 4th album from this melodic death metal quintet from Goteborg, Sweden. As I listened to the album, I noticed that the pretty clean vocals were absent. They were breath taking on A New Disease Is Born and reminded me of Dave Grohl's nice vocals from The Foo Fighters. Then I found out that vocalist Tomas Lindberg had been replaced.
The more that I listen to this album, the more that I recognize the recycled melodies from A New Disease Is Born. It sounds like they retraced the musical patterns from the heavier songs off of the preceding album and modified them a little bit.
The new vocalist is Antony Hamalainen. The vocals are mostly in a grim style, which sound like a miserable wretch, portrayed slightly humorously. His style of grim vocals remind me of the vocals by Martin Van Drunen of Hail Of Bullets. The few clean vocals that there are don't sound very spectacular. They sound like the vocals of Scott Weiland from The Stone Temple Pilots. I'm very disappointed that Tomas Lindberg has been replaced by this vocalist.
The themes of the songs are mostly about human emotions, like hatred and guilt trips(sorrow). Contrary to that, the music sounds very cheery and upbeat. The music sounds similar to In Flames, with notable influences of At The Gates, and Iron Maiden.
Although the music on this album is not very original, it steadily rocks and sounds pretty good. When you get tired of listening to your other Nightrage albums and get burned out with your In Flames albums you will probably like this album.

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