Visages of the Unspeakable

lista zespołów Death Metal Revolting Visages of the Unspeakable
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Band Name Revolting
Album Name Visages of the Unspeakable
Type Album
Data wpisu 22 Maj 2015
Wydawcy FDA Rekotz
Styl muzycznyDeath Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album7


1. Shunned to the Shadows 03:48
2. The Whispers of the Hanged 04:05
3. Fathoms unto Forever 05:36
4. Dagger-Clawed Chaos 03:46
5. Bloodkurdle 03:46
6. Severed and Blessed 03:52
7. Riddled with Worms 03:37
8. Caverns of Ancient Horror 05:09
Total playing time 33:39