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Band Name Viraemia
Album Name Viraemia
Type EP
Data wpisu 20 Luty 2009
Wydawcy Self-Released
Wyprodukowany przez Zack Ohren
Styl muzycznyTechnical Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album22


 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
 Necrotizing Fasciitis
 Cancrum Oris
 Pit of Pestilence
 The Prodromal Phase

Total playing time: 18:58

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Artykuł @ Grindking

14 Wrzesień 2011

took my ears and mind by force!

Viraemia has been a hit and miss with most people, especially those who front like they are into death metal. My advice is to not pay any attention to them. Viraemia gave my ears a swift kick in the nuts when I heard it the first time. I was barely getting into anything passed "core" stuff at the time and it definitely took my ears and mind by force!

Unlike most other bands with few releases, these guys' EP had amazing quality. Everything is meshed together perfectly as far as changes in tempos and instruments all on point together. Drummer is showing off his skill with some great double bass to match the guitars as well as some blast beats for the win.

The singer has a range of vocals from screaming highs to lows (exhales) and some pig squeeling has been thrown in for the fun. (On a personal level, I like how his vocals aren't put to waste by a band that can't keEP up with him as I am used to seeing these days with all the up and coming "Brutal" genres.)

A big "problem" with most people is that they can't listen passed all of the sweEPs. Bands like Viraemia and Rings of Saturn have set the scene of the heavier Technical Death Metal genre and many bands over do it. These guys however blend it fairly well. You'll notice you can hear the bass guitar in this album as well, a major plus with me seeing as how usually you can't distinguish the instruments with muddy tuning of guitars over 6 strings. Scott's Warstick (10 string bass guitar) just goes to show the technicality of this band.

Pit of Pestilence and Cancrum Ortis are my favorite songs out of the album.

Without rattling off too many other things, I can name that are amazing about this album, so that I sound like some groupie. I'll let you decide whether or not you like them. 20+/20 for me, it's bands like these that pave the way for avante-garde technical death metal!

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Artykuł @ Satanicarchangel

31 Marzec 2012

Great Tech death

Viraemia play technical death metal in the same league as bands such as Brain drill and Beneath the Massacre. As I have likened Viraemia to these two bands you can almost immediately tell what you're going to get with this album. Incredibly talented musicians playing as much notes as possible with enough structure for it to be called a song. I know this sounds like it's too extreme but Viraemia manage to pull it off in a way that isn't tedious and they actually manage to make it memorable which is very rare for bands who play this style.

Each song is basically one long solo with the guitarists sweEPing insanely through the whole of them. There is a large amount of bass presence in this album which is probably necessary considering the large amounts of sweEPing done by the guitarists. The drumming is excEPtionally good, it almost sounds like a drum machine at times it is that fast. The vocals are also worthy of note, the vocalist switches between low growls and high screams throughout the songs. He even utilises pig squeals at certain points. They are MUCH better sounding than the ones deathcore vocalists use as they actually have power to them and don't sound pretentious.

One last thing I'd like to point out is the slams/breakdowns unlike some bands like Emmure that basically fill the WHOLE song with breakdowns, Viraemia use them sparingly and when they are used they actually work quite well as it gives a nice break from the crazy sweEPing. Overall I really enjoyed this album it creates the perfect mix between absolute brutality and insane technicality.
Stand out tracks: All

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Crinn - 12 Listopad 2012: They're good, but not as technical as Rings of Saturn. The review doesn't really do a very good job of describing the album. They remind me a little too much of Brain Drill in the sense that the technicality is too constant and seemingly random. I wouldn't compare them to Emmure because there's an endless list of deathcore, tech death, and metalcore bands that do a great job with not overusing breakdowns. So the fact that these guys don't overuse breakdowns doesn't really say much. What makes Viraemia's breakdowns unique? ARE they unique? How are they any better than the breakdowns Whitechapel and All Shall Perish pull-off?
Satanicarchangel - 12 Listopad 2012: I don't listen to All Shall Perish or Whitechapel, I don't really like deathcore, about the breakdowns they're not unique but they're used better than a lot of deathcore I've heard.
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