Tides of Damnation

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Band Name Boris The Blade
Album Name Tides of Damnation
Type EP
Data wpisu 01 Listopad 2011
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyDeathcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album14


 Like Wolves (ft. CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder)
 A Vulgate Prophet
 For the Wretched
 Your Last Breath
 Tides of Damnation (ft. Kyson Shepherd of Signal The Firing Squad)

Total playing time: 21:07

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Artykuł @ McLovinSkittlez

28 Sierpień 2012

A brutal and technical masterpiece!

This review is regarding Boris the Blade's Tides of Damnation EP, and this is, and especially for the entire Deathcore genre, a fucking masterpiece. Now, Australia is exceptionally famous for their bands in the metalcore genre. But overall they have an incredible repertoire of bands in many extensive genres that just blow me away with every listen, and Boris the Blade is right up there with the best of them!

So Boris the Blade is relatively new to the game, but give this EP a listen and you'll think they had been making tunes for five plus years, and that is exactly what I had thought at first. They were recommended to me by a friend and this was a little before I joined SoM. So I didn't look them up first or anything. Anyway, if he hadn't recommended them to me, my collection of deathcore would be far from complete.

Alright, now onto the actual review! It would make sense to dissect each song in this EP, but I could just say that this shit is brutal, amazingly technical, especially for deathcore, and well, amazing. But I will get more specific with it than that! So, each track starts off crazy and brutal, like a lot of deathcore bands try to achieve, and a lot fail horribly, mainly being repetitive. But I would not say Boris the Blade fails at anything really! Their vocalist is fucking brutal! Drummer is insane! Guitars are so very sick and deadly technical!! These guys are extremely tight, especially for a newer band, which just goes to show how much practice they've had together, and how much they worked on this!

One thing that a lot of deathcore fans look for is breakdowns, which is understandable.. Boris the Blade does, indeed, initiate breakdowns, and they also do it like kings! Each one is very complex, and, in my opinion, not a single one sounds similar! Plus, they definitely do not overdo breakdowns! And even if they did put one or two more in each song, fuck yeah! With the complexity of breakdowns I've heard so far from them, I really wouldn't care if they had four or five within each song!

The drumming within each breakdown is very complex as well! Another very positive thing is that you can definitely tell when a new track starts playing, because of the extensive complexity and creativity with each song! I can't stress creativity to a deathcore band enough!! So, to wrap this up, Boris the Blade have released a brutal and technical masterpiece with this EP, I just can't wait for a full-length!!! They will one day, in my humble opinion, rule the deathcore world! I will proudly give this a 20/20!

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Komentarz @ freakazoid

08 Grudzień 2012

Holy Hell!

Tides of Damnation is Boris the Blade's debut EP that released in late 2011, and i happened to snag it and take a listen to their song Like Wolves. And I was blown away! The song comes out fast and brutal and stays heavy through the whole song! That's some serious deathcore right there... and with guests of Thy Art is Murder and Signal the Firing Squad, this album can't be more brutal. When you hear Chris is Like Wolves, it brings the heat, and they still kill the song. Which is what I love about this band and this album. They can have songs that never end is the brutality and the delivery of the music. Unlike most deathcore bands, which is when they come out with songs, its nothing new. It's all the same tremolo picking with breakdowns. And don't get me wrong, I love breakdowns. But I look more into the form and the construction of the song. Like "Does it have a form?" or "Is it just random notes?" I give respect to all deathcore bands for trying to produce their music and strike towards their dream, but it all comes down to whether or not having a good song and not just random notes.

Boris the Blade is a different story. They happen to bring the heat in quickly and efficiently. And I personally think this ep is a masterpiece. All the songs are DIFFERENT and have their own identity. And to have something like this as a stepping stone, they are going to be popular very soon. Although I fear that when people look forward to the new material of an artist, they intend to not put as much brutality in the new material. Boris the Blade has to keep that brutality up! And I'll definetly be looking forward to their new material.

Now to the good part. The instruments. Well, their is one thing I'd wanna change on here... and that would be the drums. I'm not saying that they suck, because they raise hell in this album. But I would have a deeper tone to it... It would've probably made this album a little more decent and delicious. But I'm good with the drums they have. And for the guitars, they are pretty sick. With all that tremolo picking and the fast riffs they play, it makes my ears bleed! It's just a fast, brutal, and amazing thing that this band has to offer; brutality. Not only does the guitars do work, but the vocals are what makes this ep stand out. The vocals are crushing and harsh and has a unique sound compared to other deathcore bands. It has a more different approach than the normal "growl growl, scream scream" routine. He has them placed all over the place in the songs. Highs, lows, pig squeals, and the harsh sound of the voice. Like I said, its what makes this album stand out, and what really gives this bands a place in my top 20 list.

Overall, this album is a charm. It has all the things a deathcore lover (me) would want; brutality and breakdowns. There are many more bands that have their debut killer, but this is the one that really made this band a unique one. And I cannot wait to see what else these guys have to offer!

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