Thuck: Grinding South Africore, The Early Days

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Band Name Groinchurn
Album Name Thuck: Grinding South Africore, The Early Days
Type Compilation
Data wpisu 2001
Styl muzycznyGrindcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album4


1. Oppression Obsession
2. Human Filth
3. What Goes Around
4. Dogmatic Contradiction
5. Ignorance
6. Steeping in Doggie-Doo(Symphony in E)
7. Light From The Mountain
8. Contraceive
9. T.F.L.T.P.
10. Genocidal Tendency
11. Emphatic Apathy
12. Narcissistic Indulgence
13. C*ns*r Y**rs*lf, Cunt
14. Fuck You
15. What About Them Injuns
16. The Hard Way
17. Cycle
18. Double Standards
19. New Level Of Thought
20. P.C.B.C
21. Satan Spawn, The Idiots
22. Let's Put The Fun Back Into Fundamentalists
23. What You Don't See
24. Principles Of Mass Suggestion
25. Funky Funk And The Motherfunking Shitfunkers
26. Empathic Apathy
27. Ignorance
28. What Goes Around
29. Genocidal Tendency
30. C*ns*r Y**rs*lf, Cunt
31. Your Other Face
32. Human Filth
33. Despise
34. Pain In The Ass