This World Is Weakening

lista zespołów Grindcore Fukpig This World Is Weakening
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Band Name Fukpig
Album Name This World Is Weakening
Type Album
Data wpisu Styczeń 2014
Wydawcy Devizes
Styl muzycznyGrindcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. (...)
2. Alcohol and Necropunk
3. Hope Stings Eternal
4. This World Is Weakening
5. Fascist Moron
6. The Prisoner
7. Unattainable Ideals
8. A Matrix Made of Shit
9. In the Absence of Your Saviour
10. Calculated Tyranny
11. Hack
12. Troglodyte
13. Delight in the Dying of the Light
14. Archaic Beliefs
15. Docile Subjects
16. Mean World
17. The Eulogy of a Crushed Romantic