Theatre of Pain

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Band Name Mötley Crüe
Album Name Theatre of Pain
Type Album
Data wpisu 21 Lipiec 1985
Wydawcy Elektra Records
Nagrany w Cherokee Studios
Styl muzycznyHard Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album349


Re-Issue in 2003 by Elektra Records with 5 bonustracks.
1. City Boy Blues
2. Smokin' in the Boys Room (Brownsville Station Cover)
3. Louder Than Hell
4. Keep Your Eye on the Money
5. Home Sweet Home
6. Tonight (We Need a Lover)
7. Use It or Lose It
8. Save Our Souls
9. Raise Your Hands to Rock
10. Fight for Your Rights
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2003)
11. Home Sweet Home (Demo)
12. Smokin' in the Boys Room (Demo)
13. City Boy Blues (Demo)
14. Home Sweet Home (Demo)
15. Keep Your Eye on the Money (Demo)

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