The MCA Years

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Band Name Diamond Head
Album Name The MCA Years
Type Box Set
Data wpisu 2009
Styl muzycznyNWOBHM
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. In the Heat of the Night
2. To Heaven from Hell
3. Call Me
4. Lightning to the Nations
5. Borrowed Time
6. Don't You Ever Leave Me
7. Am I Evil ?
8. Borrowed Time (BBC Session)
9. Don't You Ever Leave Me (BBC Session)
10. Sweet and Innocent (BBC Session)
11. Lightning to the Nations (BBC Session)
12. Dead Reckoning
13. Trick or Treat
14. Shoot Out the Lights
1. Makin' Music
2. Out of Phase
3. The Kingmaker
4. One More Night
5. To the Devil His Due
6. Knight of the Swords
7. Ishmael
8. I Need Your Love
9. Canterbury
10. Makin' Music (12")
11. Can' Take No More (Demo)
12. Time's on My Side (Demo)
13. Come to Hear You Play (Demo)
1. Am I Evil ? (Live at Reading)
2. In the Heat of the Night (Live at Reading)
3. Borrowed Time (Live at Reading)
4. Don't You Ever Leave Me (Live at Reading)
5. Sucking My Love (Live at Reading)
6. Play It Loud (Live at Reading)
7. Borrowed Time (in Concert 1982)
8. In the Heat of the Night (in Concert 1982)
9. Sucking My Love (in Concert 1982)
10. To Heaven from Hell (in Concert 1982)
11. Play It Loud (in Concert 1982)