The Link

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Band Name Gojira
Album Name The Link
Type Album
Data wpisu 18 Kwiecień 2003
Styl muzycznyThrash Death
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album599


Re-Issue in 2005 by Listenable Records.
1. The Link 05:08
2. Death of Me 05:46
3. Connected 01:19
4. Remembrance 04:59
5. Torii 01:48
6. Indians 03:57
7. Embrace the World 04:40
8. Inward Movement 05:51
9. Over the Flows 03:05
10. Wisdom Comes 02:25
11. Dawn 08:00
Total playing time 46:58

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Artykuł @ LeviathanIsGodofMeta

30 Marzec 2009
This is a strange album. It is a difficult listen that has almost no outside influences. You can tell it has elements of thrash and death, but you can't really cite any bands it uses as inspiration. I'd say that fans of Mastodon, Intronaut, or maybe Genghis Tron would like this, but it doesn't even sound like any of these bands. It is definately different, I can tell you that much.

The album starts off with some kind of tribal percussion being used before an oddly timed two-note riff comes in with equally odd drums. The title track, "The Link", is a harsh, grooving affair that demonstrates most of the album. It has its groove, its thrash, a touch of death, and something really hard to pinpoint. Joe Duplantier's vocals complement the song enormously, as they do each and every track. He uses a style that's somewhat melodic, but also harsh, abrasive, and brutal in delivery.

All the instruments are played with ferocity, power, and anger that really makes you feel like the band is investing a great deal of emotion into every track. It's this type of playing style that makes you respect a band.

The lyrics on this album are really good: they mostly are directed towards saving the environment, a topic usually untouched in metal, but never once sound preachy. That is a testament in and of itself.

I hestitate to call "Indians" the best cut on the album, but it's probably my personal favorite. In my mind, its slow, chugging groove that breaks into a brutally fast chorus section can't be beat by anything else on the album.

Anybody who appreciates it when a band tries to really create something unique and different should pick this (or one of their other albums) because the band truly sounds like nothing else. If you are a self-respecting fan of metal, you will get your hands on a Gojira album and listen to experience one of the most unique modern bands out there.

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Komentarz @ iansiz

26 Grudzień 2006
This album i feel was awesome because its tracks are just so gojira. The tracks are not over the top and with a good mixture of instrumentals added in it makes the album changeable with itself to suit your listening when its on. Starting with probably its best track and the albums name The Link starts you off with a passionate mindset at the music.

Death Of Me and Connected following it make a great 10 or so minutes of music.Rememberance after that is great to hear because knowing its lyrics is good. I found the next couple of tracks as less excitable but the album finishes off brilliantly with Dawn which its sadistic tune captivates and inspires one in any situation.

But overall with awesome songs and great lyrics the album is deserving to be heard by metal fans all around the world. I hope with looking back on this album and some of its first demos Gojira can release another album with the same feel because I believe this album was when they were at their best, lets hope it is not and the real best is yet to come.

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