The Fury of Our Maker's Hand

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Band Name Devildriver
Album Name The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
Type Album
Data wpisu 28 Styczeń 2005
Wyprodukowany przez Colin Richardson
Styl muzycznyDeath Thrash
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album430


Re-Issue in 2006 by Roadrunner Records with 6 bonustrack and a DVD included.
1. End of the Line 05:02
2. Driving Down the Darkness 03:53
3. Grinfucked 03:32
4. Hold Back the Day 04:14
5. Sin and Sacrifice 05:03
6. Ripped Apart 04:11
7. Pale Horse Apocalypse 04:13
8. Just Run 04:15
9. Impending Disaster 04:09
10. Bear Witness Unto 04:04
11. Before the Hangman's Noose 03:51
12. The Fury of Our Maker's Hand 04:51
Bonustracks (Special Edition)
13. Unlucky 13 04:09
14. Guilty As Sin 03:03
15. Digging Up the Corpses 03:54
16. I Could Care Less (Live) 03:43
17. Hold Back the Day (Live) 04:25
18. Ripped Apart (Live) 04:28
DVD (Re-Issue)
1. End of the Line (Video)
2. Hold Back the Day (Video)
3. I Could Care Less (Video)
4. Nothing's Wrong (Video)
Total playing time 1:33:06

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Komentarz @ McLovinSkittlez

08 Grudzień 2012

My favorite album of all time

I'm going to open this review up by honestly saying this is my all-time favorite album. The intro track "End of the Line" instantly hooked me with its very nice melodic intro, then it explodes into one of the best riffs I've ever had the privilege of hearing. Brutally technical guitar work, insane drumming, and ear-blistering vocals kick your ass while jamming out to The Fury of Our Maker's Hand. Trust me. I've experienced it over 300 times. Onto a more official review!

So, like I foreshadowed above, I was instantaneously hooked by just the first track. To put it bluntly, there is nothing wrong with this album. It is honestly perfect, in my opinion of course. The guitar work on this album is purely insane. The riffs, solos, the technicality, the melodies, gosh, it's just amazing. I get blown away by the perfection with every listen. The drumming throughout the entire album is just as amazing and mind blowing as the guitarists work is. John's speed is astonishing. Now when I thoroughly think about it, everything about this album is just perfect. There's no other way to describe it, let alone review it! Another thing that is absolutely amazing, and especially for me, is that I can finally hear and understand the bassist in, not only this album, but all of Devildriver's work! Big breakthrough for me! Maybe it's just the fact that my ears are slowly adjusting to hear every single instrument played. I'm not sure, but the bassist, which was Jon Miller at the time, is incredible. Very complex and truly perfect. I watched them play about a month before Jon left, and he's incredible. And of course there is Dez with his gut-wrenching vocals. What can I say about the god besides the fact that he is a true god with the mic. There's a lot of ways to describe his style, but I describe it as a mix of growling and yelling, and some of the very best screaming I've ever heard. Truly amazing musicianship is what carries this album into a whole new league of amazing metal that only a few bands are in and could ever be in.

Some notable tracks off of The Fury of Our Maker's Hand are track number one, "End of the Line" track three, "Grinfucked" and track number 15, "Digging Up the Corpses" which can be found on the Special Edition release. I'm not saying that the other songs aren't as notable as those three, but those are the ones that stood out to me and got me headbanging the very most. End of the Line opens up with this incredibly melodic intro and then just explodes into an amazing, and technical as hell, riff that just captivates you and your head just starts rocking involuntarily. Grinfucked is probably my favorite song off of the entire album, simply because of the amazing riff. It's brutal, complex, and purely captivating. The drum work is incredible as well. That's probably what gets me moving the most, is John's complexity and godlike skills that capture your attention and get your head rocking. Digging Up the Corpses is a very melodic song. Dez's vocals are probably the most intense in this track as well. He delivers very emotionally, powerful, intense, brutal, and any other adjective you can think of. Overall, this is simply my favorite album of all time. A perfect 20/20.

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