The Feeding

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Band Name American Head Charge
Album Name The Feeding
Type Album
Data wpisu 2005
Styl muzycznyIndustrial Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album70


1. Loyalty
2. Pledge Allegiance
3. Dirty
4. Ridicule
5. Take What I've Taken
6. Leave Me Alone
7. Walk Away
8. Erratic
9. Fiend
10. Cowards
11. To Be Me
12. Downstream

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Komentarz @ hack

28 Wrzesień 2009
Sometime in 2005, on a saturday night, I was watching MTVs Headbangers Ball. The special guests on that episode were American Head Charge. Vocalist Cameron Heacock was wearing clown paint, that looked like the Joker in the decks of playing cards, just like what you see on the album cover. They played their video for Loyalty. This is where I found out about this band. So I bought their disc, The Feeding, at a local record store. Inside of the album is more album art, depicting a syringe and pills. The theme of this band was obviously drug abuse, portrayed in a humorous light. A few months later, guitarist Bryan Ottoson had died from a prescription drug overdose. They were a nu metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). They had been nominated for Kerrang awards on 2 occasions. Some songs are fast and some songs are slower. The vocals range between Yelling and singing that sounds like the vocals for the 70s pop band Wild Cherry. The song To be me is a slower song and the vocals sound similar to Paul Mcartney's style. A synthesizer and sometimes a piano is used in the background. Most of these songs really rock with intensity and yelling. Similar artists are Atreyu and Avenged SevenFold. My favorite song on this album is Loyalty.

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