The Dawn of Dying

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Band Name Desperados
Album Name The Dawn of Dying
Type Album
Data wpisu 2000
Styl muzycznyThrash Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album5


1. The Beginning 00:32
2. As a Judgement 01:20
3. Gomorrha of the Plains 03:18
4. The Dawn of Dying 03:56
5. My Gun and Me 04:49
6. Gone with the Wind 05:05
7. Rattlesnake Shake 04:39
8. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky 03:40
9. Devil's Horse 05:04
10. Jumpin' Down the Running Train 04:23
11. Dodge City 02:42
12. Desperados 03:33
13. The End 01:23
14. Oriental Saloon 03:48
Total playing time 48:12

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Artykuł @ venom83

21 Listopad 2010
This has got to be one of the most original pieces of music ever created. Heavy metal since its very inception has seen so many flirtations with several different concepts, but Onkel Tom of Sodom fame decided to resurrect the magic of Sergio Leone styled 60’s Western movie themes alongside keeping the very essence of Heavy Metal intact. The result of this experiment works real well and certainly deserves more recognition than it does. No one would have really expected someone like the Sodom frontman to go one notch down on the speed as opposed to his earlier creation and eventually create something as incredible as this.

To start with, the production job is perfect and makes the presence of every instrument felt. The musicianship is tight and precise with all the musicians delivering the goods. As far as the vocals are concerned, it’s a split job between Tom Angelripper and his producer/guitarist Alex Kraft and both of them fulfill the requirements singing like a couple of bounty killers out on their horses. The atmosphere throughout the album is bound to take you back in time to the untamed west of the late 1800s. On a personal experience while listening, I could see images of salons, horses, cattle ranches, sheriffs and even goods trains getting robbed by bloodthirsty outlaws.

All the songs on this record are good and the arrangement helps their cause even further. There are speedier moments with tracks like “Gomorrah Of The Plains”, “The Devil’s Horse” and the absolutely astounding title track. The slower tracks like “My Gun And Me” and “Desperados” infuse a lot of spaghetti movie styled riffs making them an absolute pleasure to listen to. There is also a cover of the epic cowboy song “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky” with Uncle Tom doing the lead vocals in his signature raspy voice and eventually doing a whole lot justice too. Happier tunes such as “Oriental Saloon” and ”Rattlesnake Shake” do the balancing act real well.

Overall, I am not quite sure of how many folks this album is going to appeal to. Considering that Angelripper has created something totally different from Sodom, this might not be something for hardcore listeners of unrelenting thrash metal. Contrary to that, if you like your Spaghetti western movies and also your regular heavy/thrash metal and would want a unique combo of both, then this is definitely tailor made for you. Sergio Leone would have certainly wanted to get his hands on this, had he been alive.

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