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Band Name Devin Townsend
Album Name Terria
Type Album
Data wpisu 2001
Styl muzycznyProgressive Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album233


1. Olives 03:21
2. Mountain 06:32
3. Earth Day 09:35
4. Deep Peace 07:35
5. Canada 06:53
6. Down and Under 03:44
7. The Fluke 07:16
8. Nobody's Here 06:54
9. Tiny Tears 09:13
10. Stagnant 04:56
Total playing time 1:05:59

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Artykuł @ Downlander

25 Maj 2011

The main thing is to capture that feeling, because it is hidden somewhere deep

For each of the musician’s album, you can pick up some Kind of definition. For example, "Ki" - the most discreet, "Addicted" - the easiest to perceive, "Biomech" - the most mysterious and distant, "City" - the most insane. This album is - the most profound. Because of this the album can not be grasped either on the first or on the second time, it opens up only on the fourth or fifth take. It is for this reason that the album can provoke a whole lot of writing and talKing, and this is why the album can be rightfully recognized as the best of Davin’s works.

Most of us live in cities: huge, large, medium, small - it doesn’t matter. The city is constantly teeming with activity, same things repeat constantly, all our lives here are equally monotonous (like ants in an anthill). We come home and try to relax, however we can. We rest, relax, go to sleep, wake up and the cycle of urban life, tedious and monotonous, starts again. Nowhere to run from this (the topic was very well covered in "City", one of the Strapping Young Lad records). Fatigue is not going away, builds up, until you begin to feel that there’s no safe and truly QUIET place anywhere. And then - oh, the miracle! You discover this album that takes your mind at that very place something inside you. One may say that the album has a meditative effect, if you approach listening to the album that way, the effect would be fantastic. Every detail is important here, seemingly incompatible things create a wonderful harmony, and you don’t get the feeling that this or that looks out of place. The album conveys a feeling of complete inner peace and tranquility. The main thing is to capture that feeling, because it is hidden somewhere deep.

The music it self can be classified as something doom-like. Doom here is expressed not in the speed or the structure, it is expressed, again, in a feeling. Listening lives you with the impression that you are sleeping. Everything is perceived slow and distant. The album does not exude energy, nor does it inspire confidence or positive, it gives, in a certain sense, inner emptiness. Clarity. And if you assess the album from the instrumental side, then it is impossible to generalize - avant-garde is avant-garde.

Of all the album I can probably only highlight "Earth Day", since it has completeness to it, it can be listened to separately from the whole album. The remaining tracks are intertwined and without each other will not create that same atmosphere, which is a definite strength of the dick, it must be listened from beginning to end. Add the perfect sound, the recording quality and technique of performance to all of the above-described we have an absolute masterpiece that is definitely worth the hours I spent studying it.

I wish the same to you!

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